Types of Grass Which You Can Plant Near Trees

Types of Grass Which You Can Plant Near Trees

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Trees complete our gardens and they provide ample shade to rest and relax. However, they can also take away the sunlight from the surrounding plants. Also, the growing roots of big types of trees can make survival tough for small plants. As a result, growing grass under trees can be quite challenging for you. Luckily, there are a few shade grasses that can be grown under and near the trees. These types of grass don’t need much moisture to survive and grow pretty well without much sunlight. Let’s see which types of grass you can plant near the trees now! 

1. Kentucky Bluegrass 

Kentucky Bluegrass is commonly used in lawns as turfgrass. It manages to grow well in little sunlight and can also do well without much moisture. The bluish-green color of this grass can make your garden look great. 

At the same time, you must be careful about the weeds that grow beside it. Removing the weeds regularly may be required to grow Kentucky Bluegrass below or near the trees. You can easily get the Kentucky Bluegrass seeds online. 

2. Perennial ryegrass 

Perennial ryegrass can be a good option if you like to plant trees and want to grow grass under them. It grows well in low-lighting conditions and is a perfect grass to grow in the cold season. 

The rapid growth of this grass suppresses the growth of weeds. Therefore, you don’t have to worry much about weeding. 

It ideally grows in regions where the temperature remains moderate to high. It is mostly found in coastal areas as well. You can get grass seeds for the garden from portals that offer gardening tools, grass seeds of grass and tree seeds online

3. Paspalum Notatum 

Paspalum Notatum is a native grass of South America. However, it is one of the most commonly used for growing lawns in India. It spreads quickly through stolons and rhizomes. You may see it, particularly in parks under large types of trees

Paspalum Notatum can manage well with partial sunlight and tends to grow in shady areas as well. However, you will need to water it regularly to maintain its condition. 

Its broad leaves might not be ideal if you are looking for a fine textured lawn below your trees. Its ability to grow deep roots helps it to survive the proximity of trees. The best part of growing grass like these is that they can be grown on any type of soil. It grows well even if the soil is not fertile. 

4. St. Augustine Grass 

St. Augustine Grass does not need too much sunlight and can grow fairly well in shaded tree areas. If your trees are not dense enough and leak partial sunlight, it would be good enough for these types of grass

Lack of sunlight might shunt its growth but you can still try growing it in areas where the canopy is not dense enough. 

5. Zoysia 

3 or 4 hours of sunlight would be enough for types of grass like Zoysia. It sustains rough seasons and conditions and is known for growing well even when the conditions are unfavorable. Zoysia is ideal for cultivating a lawn in your garden. 

Tips to grow grass near trees 

Growing grass beneath trees can be tough especially if you have planted grass seeds that need ample sunlight. Here are some tips that can help you grow grass near trees:

Don’t water it too much 

The grass growing under trees doesn't require much water as water evaporation is slow in these areas. Also, watering these types of grass in excess can result in the growth of fungi, weeds, and other unwanted plants. 

Keep the area clean 

Plant trees that don’t grow dense leaves and plants if you want to cultivate a lawn in your garden. In short, avoid planting trees that let out a thick canopy. 

It is so because some sunlight is needed for achieving the full growth of most of the grass varieties. Also, you must clean the dry leaves and debris that fall from the trees regularly. 

Avoid playing on it 

The area under your trees will have shady patches. It is difficult for the grass to recover from damage in such areas. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t walk, jump, or play on these types of grass

Another option is to trim the grass lightly so that it does not get suppressed when you are playing or walking around. 

Think of ferns 

If you are still unable to grow grass under your trees, you can think of growing ferns and other types of plants that survive low-lighting conditions. 


These were some types of grass and tips to grow grass that can be grown in your garden if you are planning to plant trees as well. Use high-quality grass seeds and equipment to maintain your lawn and garden. Ugaoo is the best portal to find all your gardening essentials. It offers grass seeds and plants that require minimum maintenance and care. Visit Ugaoo today and get all the supplies required to maintain a perfect lawn under your trees! 


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