9 Reasons why you must go Organic TODAY! - The Organic Gardener Series Part 2

9 Reasons why you must go Organic TODAY! - The Organic Gardener Series Part 2

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Drastic and unpredictable climatic changes, health issues and the bothering climatic condition, (the recent SMOG cover in Delhi) is the result of pesticide accumulation that has happened over a period.
Looking at these life-threatening situations, it is imperative that we minimize the use of insecticides and pesticides, in order to redress the environmental damage.
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If this isn’t motivating enough, let’s go through the following reasons why you must go organic:

1. Green Platter:

Almost every day we encounter articles stating how all the fruits and vegetables are loaded with carcinogenic chemicals. Eating even a single morsel of food and salad with peace has become a thing of the past. Parents are scared of serving salads to their little ones.
In this scenario, the best thing is to eat home-produced food, gathered fresh from your kitchen garden. What better than garden-fresh veggies that are produced organically?

2. A safe green retreat:

Gardens are an ode-to-peace. They are meant to be hale, hearty and pesticide free. The melange of agrochemicals strips them away from their natural form. This directly harms the garden yield and finally becomes a potential health hazard. All this can be dealt with the use of Organic products and opting for chemical-free ways of keeping the garden safe.

3. The environment is calling for immediate help:

Do you wish to stop the environment from degrading?
Stop littering, avoid chemically processed food products, and garden in an organic way. Just like charity begins at home, going organic begins there too.

4. Being a host of the wildlife:

Chirping birds and colorful butterflies are the most delightful garden visitors. While there are a few unsung heroes like beneficial insects and worms that are equally important. Organic gardening helps in keeping these insects safe and strike a wildlife balance that keeps the garden happy and melodious. Read about what is organic gardening.

5. Dealing with dreadful humans impact on the earth:

When you go organic, your dependence on nonrenewable resources will reduce. With the population soaring high every day, it is essential that we start using renewable resources and secure our future collectively.

6. Traditional methods and modern techniques:

In Organic Gardening, organic systems adapt modern, scientific understanding of ecology and soil science; and conventional methods of crop rotation to ensure soil fertility as well as weed and pest control.  
Isn't it what we want?

7. Local solutions are optimal solutions:

Organic movement is the only movement that encourages individuals to act on a local level while considering its effects on the world. Read about 5 fruits that you can grow organically at home.

8. Mimic nature:

Nature is the model for Organic Gardening. By harmonizing with nature, organic gardens become very stable entities.

9. We are what we eat:

Lastly, our eating habits define us. Organic systems recognize that our health is connected to the quality of our food and, ultimately, to the health of the soil.
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Dear Reader,
Organic gardening is not the solution to all the problems. However, it is a positive and valuable step that you as an individual can take.
Now that we have explored the primary reasons for going organic, what are your thoughts?
But that’s not it! We will also address the question - What if I do not go Organic?
Do you wish to hand this planet to your successive generations in a divested and ruined state?
Perhaps a garden free of "bugs" may sound attractive to some, but the long-term cost to the environment may be felt for generations and in the worst case may even be perpetual.
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Have you taken any steps towards going organic? Let us know in the comments section below!