5 Green Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones These Holidays

5 Green Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones These Holidays

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As seasons change, gardens do too. There is always one or the other task that needs to be performed in the garden. A gardener is always on a lookout for a vegetable harvest, a blooming flower or watching a seedling transform into a full grown plant.
Gardening is a timeless hobby. Once a gardener is always a gardener. If you know someone who relishes gardening, this is the best time of the year to pamper them with the most creative and useful gardening gifts.
A gardening gift that encourages your dear ones to get outside and enjoy the springtime sunshine is sure to score bonus brownie points. But, finding a perfect gardening gift for a passionate gardener could be a cumbersome task. From pots, planters to plant care products you have so much to choose from. What if we could get you a perfect set of gifts to choose from? At Ugaoo,  we have a whole range of offerings, from the practical to the beautiful, and something to match every budget. Read about gift ideas for friends.
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Instead of the same conventional gifts, spoil your favorite gardener with something they will truly love!

All you need to do is, log onto Ugaoo.com, explore, choose and order.

1. Gardening Books:

Books are a uniquely portable magic. They teach, guide and help you achieve everything you have always desired. At Ugaoo, we have a large number of vegetable gardening, self-sustainability and permaculture books available in English, Hindi, and Marathi. We stock only the most useful and well-written ones in the gardening fraternity.
Whether it’s a book on Medicinal Plants, Basics of Horticulture, or Commercial Floriculture they are brimming with expert advice, tips, tricks and information that one can return to time and again. Be it a novice or a seasoned gardener you will find something for everyone here. 
eco friendly gift for gardener

2. Grow your food kits and combos:

You gardener friend loves growing his food? Gift them one of our combos and watch them revel in happiness. Seriously, there is no better gift than giving a loved one the ability to start growing their fruit and vegetables.
Our newly launched Combos are a delight!
From Winter Flower Basket Seeds to Crunchy Salad Seeds and Easy to Grow Herbs and Tangy vegetable seeds we have it all. Not only this, our superstar combos include Microgreen Starter Kit, Pot and soil super saver pack, Mini Gardening Tool Kit, and Lucky Plant Sets to name a few. Choose any one and give them that Aha moment.
herb gardening kit

3. Gift them GREEN:

Brighten up their patio and window sills, and lighten up their faces. Imagine your dear one waking up to the view of morning sunrays fondly cuddling the tiny Indoor plants sitting by the window. It is you who will cross their mind every day.
At Ugaoo, we have a wide range of live plants waiting to be gifted. From ferns to lucky bamboo, our store is plush with little green buddies. We also have unique plants like Adenium. This lovely small plant grows just like a Bonsai tree.
Low in maintenance, the artistic succulent bush is found in the Arabic and African desserts, Vietnam, Thailand, and Taiwan along with various other countries. Also known as Desert Rose, its bottle-shaped trunk and lovely flowers beautify the indoors. It is a long-lived succulent that thrives well in tropical and humid climate, regulated temperature and moderate water. The plant comes in a 3-inch colored pot. You can select from 6 color variants.
Unique garden gifts - Live plants

4. Pyramid Transplanters:

The best gardening gift should help make the flower or vegetable garden a more relaxed and more beautiful place to spend time in with high quality, useful tools being top of our list.
Well made garden tools make foolproof presents for any gardener. A top-notch gardening tool will last till eternity, and while the price might put a lot of people off purchasing for themselves, gifting is a different matter. Here is a garden tool that once you have, you wonder how you ever lived without it!
Pyramid Transplanter can be used for weeding, cultivating and for measuring the planting depth. It is a multi-purpose spading tool for both potted and garden plants. Made of premium quality material, the transplanter is extended all the way through the wooden & plastic handle, so there is never a risk of it snapping off. The handle is finished with a hole for convenient storage. 
best gifts for gardeners - gardening tools

5. Birdhouse and birdfeeder:

Here is a gift that will be adored by both the gardeners and the environment. Gardeners know the importance of the feathery friends and pollinators in a garden. Today gardening practitioners all around the world are taking steps to provide safe environments for birds and bees to flourish.
After all, without them, we would not have a singing garden, chirping sounds and beautiful flowering and fruiting plants. Our super cute birdhouses and birdfeeders are gorgeous and can be placed or hung on an outdoor patio. So, gift any of these and encourage birds to flutter around and serenade your mate this holiday.Ugaoo eco friendly gifts online - bird houses
Want to explore more awesome gardening products? Check out our online store to see more of our favorite gift ideas and products. You will find the top picks for everything from gardening books to accessories, organic seeds, compost bins and much more!