Celebrate this Diwali with nature

Celebrate this Diwali with nature

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Diwali is the festival of light. It is the darkest and deepest night of the year. It is on this night that India glitters.  All Indian festivals are historically in line with seasonal agricultural activities. By this time of the year, Indian farmers would have sold their last season’s agricultural produce in the market. And during Diwali they relax, enjoy & celebrate the successful farming season with their family, friends & loved ones; so that they are all charged up & energized to work hard for the next farming season.
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Most of us living in the urban areas may not be farmers anymore, but there is no reason why we can’t keep our cord intact with Mother Nature. When we get together on the eve of Diwali, apart from regular celebrations, there are so many fun activities we can do that will take us back to our roots; activities which will remind us that, ‘There is a web of life & we are part of it.'
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Sow a seed: For children as well as for adults, there is no better occasion to sow your first seed. Grab a pack of flower seeds/vegetable seeds, & let everyone grow them in pots full of mud. A seed germinating into a plant is a miracle that every fellow human being deserves to witness.
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Plant a sapling: It’s a different joy when you do plant your favorite flower with your hands. Let your Child's' hands get all muddy in the goodness of soil, as it gives them the sense of connecting with nature, which will stay forever.
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Gift a plant: Surprise your loved ones by gifting them a beautiful potted houseplant. This unique gift will joyfully transform their life with a sense of responsibility towards this living entity.
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Explore the wilderness: On Diwali morning, go out for nature walk into the otherwise ignored pathways of your local green zones & forests. What are the trees found in our city? What are our common backyard birds? How many different species of butterflies & insects surround us? We must educate ourselves by getting introduced to our local species of plants, birds, reptiles, insects & overall biodiversity. This will give us an insight of this magical world & a strong reason to protect it.
Types of insect pests in your garden
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Read a book: In this era of internet & information explosion, books remain the primary & authentic source of our knowledge. There are so many wonderful gardening/nature related books that will enlighten you about the subject & will give you the right perspective. Along with Diwali special magazines, do start reading these precious informative books as well.
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As our values evolve, our customs & traditions evolve, the way we celebrate Diwali should also evolve. Happy Diwali!
Happy Gardening!


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