Are You a Responsible Ganesha Devotee?

Are You a Responsible Ganesha Devotee?

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Amidst all the Dhol, Tasha, Modaks and carousel, have you ever thought what Ganesha seeks from His devotees?
The Lord of Obstacle Remover does love the festive fervor, the demonstration of faith and unshakable devotion; but he certainly does not appreciate all the noise and water pollution that follows.
Do you want to be a responsible Ganesha devotee? If yes, then start by pledging to celebrate an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi.
Eco friendly ganpati
From idols to Mandal decorations - go for everything that will not harm the environment in any form.

Eco Friendly Ganpati

You might have heard various environmental activists urging people to bring home Ganesha idols made up of clay. They are requesting everyone to either make idols at home or opt for the ones like TreeGanesha - an idol that is made up of Organic Veggie Mix and Okra Seeds by Ugaoo.
Ganesha is the God of Nature, and he should always be a part of it. Where else could this be done apart from the garden?
TreeGanesha holds true to this thought. Thus, after Ganesha Pujan you can immerse this idol in your garden and start watering it. Within a few days the icon will merge with your garden soil, and soon Okra plants will emerge from it. You could savour Ganesha’s blessings in the form of the Okra vegetable in years to come. Buy okra seeds online.
Lord Vinayaka

Dattatri Kothur

Tree Ganesha is the brainchild of a highly creative Mumbai-based artist - Dattatri Kothur. The unique concept has gained popularity and has also been acknowledged by politicians and celebrities nation wide.
how to make eco friendly ganesh idols by Dattatri Kothur

Ugaoo with Tree Ganesha

Ugaoo took this initiative so that the divine sculpture of Lord Ganesha could be a part of all our gardens and backyards. It would help us cherish the fruits of gardening, bless us and become an inseparable part of our lives forever.
The primary fundamental that drives is the undying love for gardening. You may like to read about 10 flowers to celebrate days of Ganesh festival.
Go Green with TreeGanesha and Ugaoo
Thus, we strongly recommend that each one of us should harness the real power of gardening by growing our food and striving towards a better health and better environment.
Know about 21 patri (leaves) for Ganesh Pooja.
Ganpati murti grown into a tree
What steps do you need to take? Well, celebrate the festivals cautiously, use more eco-friendly products and try not to pollute your surroundings in any possible way. 
Welcome TreeGanesha with Ugaoo
Why not start with this Ganesha festival? Do tell us in the comments below that how have you contributed in greeting Bappa in an eco-friendly way?
Ganpati Bappa Morya!