Saving Space: 10 Unexpected Places to Plant in Your House

Saving Space: 10 Unexpected Places to Plant in Your House

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Do you have a small house and want to make the most of your space? Do you want to bring a garden into your small space? Do you want to add a little greenery to your home?
If yes, then you have come to the right place.
Those people who don’t have enough space for bringing a big garden, but they still want it. They can use some tactics to decor their home with beautiful plants even with small spaces. You can optimize the space available in your flat or home.
Most of us love gardening, and some of them use it as a hobby. It becomes difficult when you find the lack of space. But you need not worry about that; you can create a beautiful small garden by planting wisely.
hanging plants
Here in this guide, we have tried to show some great ways to make the most of the small, hidden and unexpected places. There are so many tips that you can use to turn your empty or unused space into a beautiful, decorative and attractive garden.

Here are some suggestions to add a little greenery to your office or home, size doesn’t matter:

1. Start Small

There are various situations where space for gardening is minimal like flats, rental property, villa with small sized courtyards and much more.
You can use small sized indoor plants to add a little green to your home.
low maintenance indoor plants

2. Space Stacks

Stacking is associated with the process of maximizing vertical spaces. It means generating tiers or layers on which to plant or grow. Read about Stacked Up Kitchen Gardening.
Vertical gardening

3. Add Plants to often Overlooked Places

Your Bathroom is one of the important places to make an effective and eye catching garden. You can consider your bathroom to add a little greenery to your home.
The bathroom is an ideal habitat for some specific types of indoor plants.
If you don’t have space in your room and home, you can use this unexpected place like bathroom wall and window to plant bathroom-friendly plants.
These plants help clean air and soak up humidity and moisture while you bathe and shower. One more thing, you never forget to water these plants.
Bathroom Plants

4. Grow Plants in Kitchen

Your kitchen can be the perfect place to grow plants. You can integrate some indoor plants in your home decor by using spare kitchen space such as wall portion underneath kitchen window.
The vertical garden may be a perfect idea for the kitchen. Here you can easily grow fresh herbs to use for cooking purposes. You should place vertical garden in an appropriate area with plenty of light.
You can make a useful and beautiful garden even in little space by planning it wisely. The concept of kitchen garden helps you keep useful herbs nearby. From now on, with kitchen garden techniques, a fresh taste of basil won’t be out of reach anymore.
Kitchen Plants

5. Niches that are Narrow

If you have slim line balcony, window ledge, walkway area, you can still use this space to grow some plants. You just need to use suitable plants and containers to make the most of these available spaces.
You should add lattice (as per convenience) on adjoining walls for climbing trees or plants. But if you don’t have a ledge for the window with enough space for pots or containers, you can add a few brackets with a planter.
You can plant some herbs outside the kitchen window that is easily reachable.
Windowsill Plants

6. The Ladder Design

You can use ladders, terraces, and steps as growing space. Many people have used this idea.
Steps are the simple solutions to grow plants as these are structurally strong and can bear heavy weights of fruit trees, large containers, and feature plants.
You can make your entryway an attractive and grand entrance by growing these plants on one side of your steps.
plants placed vertically on ladder

7. In the Bag

If you are looking for an alternative to raising a big organic garden, you can use portable and 100% natural fabric bags. This is the easiest solution to resolve lots of gardening issues. This bag comes in various colors and varieties.
They are portable as they come with handles. They offer you an exciting and easy way to grow crops, which are edible and that require depth like potatoes, carrots, dwarf fruit trees and much more.
You can easily remove these plants from these bags and transplant it to larger bag. Buy Grow bags & Poly bags Online.
Ploy bag as growing medium

8. Succession Plant

The succession plants are well-known to maximize space. You should choose the varieties of plants to grow that mature at distinct periods. It allows you to make the most of the space around the edges.
You can try this amazing way to maximize the space. You can use small pots for succulents to save more space.
Succession plants

9. Hang Towel Ring

This ring is rarely used for the purpose it is meant to be. Either there is no towel hanging in the ring or the towel is not clean enough to use.
Therefore, it could be best used to hang a plant. You can still use it as a towel hanger after hanging the plant.
You can use a hook and a metal chain. Tie one end of the metal chain to the flower pot and another to the hook. Hang it on the ring using the hook.
Hang Towel Ring for hanging plant pots

10. The Study Table

You can always put a small flower pot or a plant on your study table or your workstation.
Keeping a plant at your study table or workstation at home will make you feel fresh and airy. You can also use colorful plants to serve your purpose of decoration.
Office Plants
Most of us love gardening, and we want to add greenery to our home decor, but nowadays limitation of space in flats, home and villas make it difficult to grow a large garden in the home.
Here in this guide, we have mentioned some ways that help you grow plants in your home by using unexpected and spare spaces.
Hope you find this post informative and useful.