Flower Gift Ideas for a Beautiful Mother's Day

Flower Gift Ideas for a Beautiful Mother's Day

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 Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to show your mom just how much she means to you. Of course, you probably show her everyday and express your love for her in many different ways. But you can always make use of this day to make it extra special and remind her of the countless ways in which she has changed your life for the better!

Well, if you've been looking for the best Mother's Day gifts, we're here to ask you this - on such days, what better way to express your love than with flowers? So many flowers carry symbolism and meaning that signify beauty, love, adoration, and respect; spreading joy and positivity with their vibrant & happy-go-lucky aesthetics.  

Here are a few flower gift ideas for this Mother's Day that will allow you to say just what you feel without actually needing to say anything!  


• Flower Gifts for Mother's Day: Best Types of Flowers to Use


1. Carnations

Carnation Flower Gifts for Mother's Day 

Carnations are regarded as the official Mother's Day flowers!

They are most definitely one of the best Mother's Day presents because of their long-standing association with this day. Anna Jarvis was the woman who suggested bringing the concept of Mother's Day to life after the passing of her mother. She was also the one who associated this type of flower to this day by honoring her mother with them, specifically white carnations. 

These white flowers symbolize and celebrate mothers and motherhood, with their beautiful petals often symbolizing the warm embrace of mothers. The flower is also known to be a well-known depiction of a mother's eternal love for her kids. According to many, white carnations also symbolize purity and truth - the very basis of a mother's love.


2. Chrysanthemums 

Chrysanthemums as Mother's Day Gifts 

Nicknamed "mums", these flowers are another commonly used flower gift for Mother's Day. Their stunning petals and beautiful colors make them a popular choice for bouquet arrangements for every occasion. These stunning, puffy flowers are known to signify what forms the very basis of motherhood - optimism, joy, positivity, warmth, and fidelity. 

These types of flowers are also known to be popular representations of maternal love, respect, and gentle affection. Been needing gift ideas for mom? These flowers will effortlessly resolve your confusion!


3. Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisy Flower Gifts for Mother's Day

These beautiful flower gifts for Mother's Day give you great variety and choice within their own types as differently colored Gerbera Daisies symbolize different things! The white flowers are associated with purity and innocence, the purple ones symbolize elegance and grace, while the orange & yellow ones symbolize warmth, joy, and friendship. 

So, you can choose your mother's favorite color and also decide what you want the flowers to say! 


4. Roses

Rose Bouquet Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

When gifting for Mother's Day, pink and white roses make for the best flowers to give. These flowers symbolize almost everything a mother is and all that motherhood stands for. Much like other white flowers, white roses symbolize innocence and purity. They are known for their timeless beauty and elegance, often instilling feelings of calmness and hope for new beginnings. Sincere emotions can be conveyed perfectly through such Mother's Day flowers. 

Pink roses, on the other hand, signify gratitude, grace, and appreciation. These flowers are perfect for any occasion, adding a warmth to any space they may be placed in. What better way to kick off Mother's Day?


5. Gladiolus

Best Mother's Day Gift with Flowers

Gladiolus flowers, namely the pink flowers, are known for being popular tokens of appreciation on Mother's Day. These stunning, tall flowers symbolize gentleness, femininity, and a mother's love - all symbolisms perfect for the ideal Mother's Day. 

To top it all, these flowers perfectly capture the essence of motherhood, also depicting strength and power. If this isn't a mother summed up in a flower, we don't know what could be! 


6. Orchids

Orchid Flowers as Mother's Day Gifts

Orchids are also one of the best Mother's Day gifts with their beautiful blooms and meaningful representations that perfectly depict a mother. Just like the strength, love, and adoration of a mother for her kids shine through the darkest days, Orchids also possess a beautiful ability to showcase these symbolisms through the darkest times. 

Often known as the queen of the plants, we feel like this flowering plant makes for the perfect, most meaningful Mother's Day gift. Representing grace, beauty, love, and refinement, this flower is also considered lucky to have at home. It doesn't get better than this!


7. Tulips

Tulip Flowers for Mother's Day Plant Gifts

Tulips are one of the first flowers to bloom fully during springtime, which is when Mother's Day is celebrated. Its perfectly aligned bloom-time makes it a popular Mother's Day flower gift but its representations are what really come through. 

Depicting rebirth and deep love, these types of flowers are the perfect representation of a mother and her love, showing the world how mothers would go to the ends of the earth to keep their children safe. In the Victorian era, these flowers were also used to express feelings which otherwise could not be said out loud.   


This year, say it with flowers! Say exactly what you have been wanting to without even needing to speak with flowers and their perfect representations of purity, eternal love, respect, and strength. 


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