Top 10 indoor plants that thrive in Mumbai's climate

Top 10 Indoor Plants That Thrive in Mumbai's Climate

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Mumbai is known for its hot and humid climate and its super happening city life. Its not called the city that never sleeps without reason! So, with such a hot & humid, busy & bustling life, what kinds of plants will suit this climate & lifestyle? Surely it will have to be something low maintenance and something that prefers a humid environment. Not sure what will work well? Read on to know more!


• 10 Best Indoor Plants in Mumbai: Suit Your Own and Your Plants' Needs 


1. Philodendron Oxycardium

Ugaoo Philodendron Oxycardium as Indoor Plant in Mumbai

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Being a tropical plant, Philodendron is the perfect house plant for Mumbai homes. It dislikes wet feet but loves the humidity, making it a perfect addition to the homes of those who may be busy or out of the house more often than not.

This plant also grows as a lovely creeper, giving you the choice of growing it along trellises or in hanging baskets near your balcony. Just provide this plant with bright, indirect light and regular misting and it will be more than happy!


2. Peperomia Green

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The Peperomia plant is also a versatile indoor house plant. With its many growing habits and easy care requirements, this makes for an ideal indoor plant in Mumbai. It prefers and appreciates humidity, meaning it can do great in bathrooms as well. 

This plant also thrives in bright, indirect light and requires infrequent watering due to its fleshy, succulent-like leaves. Place it anywhere in your home and watch it bring your space to life!


3. Button Fern 

Ugaoo Button Fern Plants in Mumbai

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The Button Fern may look delicate with its lovely, light green fronds, but this stunning fern plant makes for one of the best house plants in Mumbai due to its affinity and love for high humidity areas. It is hardy and does well in bathrooms as well, gracefully showing its elegant fronds off to onlookers! 

With bright, indirect light and regular, consistent watering, this Fern can become your new favorite housemate.  


4. Areca Palm 

Ugaoo Areca Palm Plant in Mumbai

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As the name suggests, the Areca Palm is a palm plant is a tropical stunner with its clumping leaves and occasionally golden-green stems. The fronds of this plant are also thin and delicate, often reminiscent of different kinds of palm trees. These tropical plants adore humidity and like to be kept moist at all times, without having wet feet. 

Water this plant once a week and place it in bright, indirect light and it will reward you with wonderful aesthetics as one of the best indoor plants for Indian climate, specifically Mumbai. 


5. Bird of Paradise 

Ugaoo Bird of Paradise Plant in Mumbai

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The Bird of Paradise is another indoor plant that produces beautiful flowers. However, these flowers only bloom when the plant is grown outdoors. This tropical plant loves the humidity that Mumbai's climate has to offer and does not require way too much attention from your end. 

Water once a week and place it in bright, indirect light and watch it light up your place!


6. Fiddle Leaf Fig 

Ugaoo Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant in Mumbai

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig, also called the Ficus Lyrata, belongs to the Mulberry and Fig family. Its large leaves colored a glossy, dark green are a great part of its charming allure. Place this large plant in any part of your home and watch it work wonders!


7. Broken Heart Plant

Ugaoo Broken Heart Plant in Mumbai

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As part of the Philodendron family, the Broken Heart plant is also a tropical plant that does great in humid environments indoors. This house plant is a stunner with its "broken" leaves and easy care requirements. 

Broken Heart plants in Mumbai are easy to maintain because the humid weather takes care of one of the plant's major care requirements. 


8. Money Plant Golden

Ugaoo Money Plant in Mumbai

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A classic in the world of indoor house plants, the Golden Money plant is that one house plant that just doesn't disappoint. Hang it in your balcony, display it in your living room or make it your bedside companion - the versatility and adaptability of this plant are astounding!

Its hardy nature allow it to thrive in almost every environment and even forgive short durations of neglect. The Money plant in Mumbai just can't go wrong!


9. Spider Plant

Ugaoo Spider Plant in Mumbai

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The Spider plant is a hardy, resilient, and well-known indoor plant that can thrive just about anywhere. With its versatile growth habits and ease of propagation, it is a beloved addition to homes everything. 

If you're in Mumbai and on the lookout for a plant that can do well on its own for a relatively longer period of time, then the Spider plant is just what you need!


10. Peacock Plant 

Ugaoo Peacock Plant in Mumbai

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Known for its stunning, variegated leaves that look like a peacock's feather, the Peacock Plant is the perfect addition to high humidity homes in Mumbai. This plant loves higher humidity around it and prefers to be kept moist without having wet feet. 

Simply place it in bright, indirect light and watch it thrive!


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