Why Is Gardening a Wonderdrug?

Why Is Gardening a Wonderdrug?

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We live in a fast-paced world where everything from food to cure needs to be “instant.” Medicines that work instantly come with dire side effects and enormous cost. What if we tell you that some age-old drugs could work just like the modern wonder drugs? One of this traditional method is Gardening. Pondering how? Well, gardening can help you shed kilos, carve muscles, feel great, have fun and imbibe a sense of satisfaction for working towards the betterment of our planet. Not only this, but various studies have also proven it to be extremely efficient in holistic healing and preventing illness.
Thus, in this blog we will explore:

  1. Physical Benefits of Gardening
  2. Mental Benefits of Gardening
  3. Nutritional Benefits of Gardening

Gardening - A healing activity

Physical Benefits of Gardening:

Vitamin D is of utmost importance for a human body as it regulates the calcium and phosphorus levels. You can incorporate Vitamin D in your diet, but the best way is to garden outdoors in the sunshine and get the vital vitamin naturally.
Exposing your body to the sun for about thrice a week would help you in meeting Vitamin D requirements naturally. While gardening you dig, prune, lift, bend and stretch. This makes you flexible and helps in building and toning the muscles.
The result increases in blood circulation, lower blood pressure and faster healing. Hence, in a nutshell, gardening can help in reducing the risk of bone loss, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes.
physical benefit of gardening

Mental Benefits of Gardening:

Hospitals grounds, residential societies, and institutions have been incorporating lovely gardens in their premises because of the healing and calming effects of a garden on the human mind.
Few gardening activities are potent enough to put you into a meditative state. Activities like pruning, digging, deadheading and weeding can allow you to vent out emotions and clear your head. Smelling flowers, walking on the morning grass or feeling dew drops could help in stimulating your senses of both smell and touch.
Research has revealed that Mycobacterium vaccae - a harmless soil bacteria found almost everywhere outdoors, can stimulate the production of norepinephrine and serotonin just like an antidepressant. It can balance chemicals in the brain, fight depression and revive the mind, body, and soul. Bonus: It is free!
Hence on a mental level, gardening increases neurotrophins (mental health), reduces cortisol (relieves stress) and aids depression.
therapeutic garden or mental benefits of gardening

Nutritional benefits of gardening:

In a study published by The University of Texas, it has been revealed that since a couple of decades there is a massive decline in vital vitamins and nutrients found in conventionally grown food. This has happened primarily due to soil degradation and poor nutrition management.
You could combat this by gardening. Start planting heritage cultivars, use and maintain the healthy garden soil. Opt for terrace gardening, kitchen gardening, herb gardening.
Growing food at home would help you get flavor and nutrition in both fruits and veggies.
Lastly, homegrown food is way fresh than the ones lying on the shelf for days. Remember that both fruits and vegetables start deteriorating soon after they have been harvested.
Community gardening
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Do you have a garden? How working in a garden affects you? Let us know in the comments section below. We would be elated to unfurl some fantastic benefits of gardening.