8 ways you can avoid being a cliche this Valentine's Day

8 ways you can avoid being a cliche this Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is arriving fast. If you forget showering gifts, then god may save you! But, even worse, if you show up with cliche chocolates and a card, then you would fall into the cheesy category we all (including her) would like to avoid.

So, what can you do best this Valentine’s Day? Dear Romeo, don’t fret; here are 8 ways you can avoid being a cliche on this day of love!

1. Say NO to restaurants

Reservations at restaurants can be pretty brutal. You might suddenly find yourself amidst couples who are at once in a year “date-night.” Your favorite restaurant would look like a tourist attraction, and we bet, you won’t be able to enjoy a bit!
Restaurants decked up for valentines

2. Cook her lip-smacking dinner

Turn your home into a romantic ambiance. Research recipes and garnish them with her favorite ingredients. If you do not cook, it won’t be easy. But it will indeed show your efforts, and we are sure you’ll come off as a hero.
love Pizza cooked at home

3. Gift her pretty plants

Plants are the best companions, and they are the only gifts that grow in love with you. So, pick up some beautiful plants like Lucky Bamboo, Chrysanthemum or Poinsettia from Ugaoo and get them delivered to her home or workplace. You could also set up a beautiful garden for your lady. She would love the surprise, and moreover, miss you every time she saw the little green lovelies.
Green gift

4. Adorn her leisure space with birdhouses and animal planters

If your beloved loves reading books, listening to music or just relaxing in nature’s aura in the balcony or by the window, then why not decorate her space? Yes. Pep her “my-zone” with pretty birdhouses and super cute animal planters which would accompany her relax and rejuvenate.
bird house & plants for home deocr

5. Personalize the gift

The lack of personalization makes one cliche! Remember that chocolates, teddy bears, roses, cards, and hearts are overtly generic, they speak to every girl. Don’t you think that your girl is special? So, get her a gift that speaks to her and resonates her personality. Package it up yourself and personalize it to the last bit. If you are saying you love her, say it with complete conviction.
Wrapping the gift for Valentines

6. Use flowers to accentuate gifts only

You CANNOT just get her a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates. This will make you look like a cheeseball. What you can do is, wrap up her favorite flowers and let them accompany a special gift. If she doesn't like roses, then you could go for orchids, tulips, daffodils and other exotic blooms.
Flowers for valentines gift

7. Don’t outsource your emotions to Archies

She might like the ready-made card or gift, but she won’t connect to it like the one written, made or customized by you. Thus, we would suggest that instead of running into a card-shop and outsourcing your emotions, pen them down. You don’t need flowery language, a couple of straight sentences right from the heart would do the needful.
Archies gift

8. Don’t ignore it

Oh! One more thing. Don’t ignore Valentine’s Day. You cannot act like anti-conformist high school students who display their individuality by rebelling the day of love. Women might say that they hate Valentine’s Day, but very few mean it. Just do everything in your power to tell her “You are today and all of my tomorrows.”
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Valentine's Day gift