Weeds to Help Cure Your Wounds

Weeds to Help Cure Your Wounds

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It is often said that life is a collection of random occurrences and events. And within these random events, there are many chances that we may actually get injured or hurt. So, it’s always prudent to have some helpful medication on hand.
The best kind of wound care is done with natural remedies. If you have a garden in your backyard, then you may have some strange yet useful medicinal plants! Weeds might be something that you need to keep pulling out to keep your garden healthy. However, the weeds we list below can help in keeping you healthy and healing certain wounds. Read about easy ways to control weeds.
So, if you find these growing in the backyard, don’t be so quick to pull them out. They could help you get out of a spot of (painful) bother.

Medicinal Weeds to Heal your Wounds:

1. The Common Plantain:

First off, no, this isn’t the well-known banana-like fruit called plantain that you often pass by in supermarkets. This is a weed called the Common Plantain, and just like its name, it is fairly abundant in a garden.
This weed has a distinct, oblongish-oval shape with ribs-like veins running down the length of its surface. It has in fact been used since ancient times to relieve the itching associated with mosquito bites, bee stings, nettle stings etc. They are natural inflammation reducers.
Plaintain herb
To make use of these properties, just take a fresh leaf, crush it till its juices pour out and then drop that onto the affected area. It should be fine in minutes!
healing weed - plantain leaf

2. The Common Yarrow:

Here’s another fairly common weed with some not so common properties! Like the Common Plantain, the Common Yarrow too has been used for a long time to heal wounds. Read about types of garden weeds.
Specifically, you can apply it to a freshly bleeding wound to help speed up the clotting process and accelerate your healing. It also has anti-microbial properties, which means that you can safely apply it to the affected areas and it will stave off infections. Finally, it is also good for stopping nosebleeds.
achillea millefolium, yarrow plant
This is a perennial plant that doesn’t require much from your garden to grow. And if you decide to keep it around then it will also produce flowers in a variety of colours.
yarrow in bowl for cooking

3. Dandelions:

Fast becoming a favorite flavour of herbal tea, Dandelions can heal many different kinds of ailments. It is often used to treat boils, eye problems, diarrhoea, diabetes and even fever. Dandelions also act as a diuretic, which means that they have blood purifying properties that can ease an aching stomach.
As a bonus, they have some essential vitamins like A, B, C, D and K! Now, here’s a useful weed if there ever was one.
dandelion tea

4. Chickweed:

This is one of the most recognizable weeds that can be found in a garden. It has double-layered, five-petal white flowers that are barely bigger than your fingernails. It can spread quite fast, and the chances are that you’ve dealt with it before.
Blooming plant of chickweed
Now, if you let it grow (in a controlled manner), you can use the crushed plant material to treat sunburns, rashes, scars, bites, itches and even pink eye. A weed that can be a lifesaver!
Edible weed - chickweed
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