Tabletop Gardening for Office & Home

Tabletop Gardening for Office & Home

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In modern days, most of the working professionals spend more time on their office desk than any other place. We all have tried keeping a live plant next on our working or studying table with varying degree of success. Why not take it even further.

Let's have a look at various ways by which you can do tabletop gardening:

1. Terrarium:

Growing live plants inside a glass enclosure is called a terrarium. In terrariums, you can mimic natural landscape or a landscape garden in a glass bowl. Even an unused aquarium fish tank can be converted into a terrarium.
Styles and themes of terrarium:
  • Oriental terrarium
  • Sand art terrarium
  • Beach design
  • Desert theme
  • Carnivorous (plants) terrarium
Plants suitable for the terrarium: Earth star, Haworthia, Ferns, Fittonia, Hypoestes.
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terrarium gardening

2. Bottle Garden:

This is a type of closed terrarium where glass enclosure is a bottle with a narrow opening. In bottle garden humidity loving, indoor miniature plants can be grown. Once successfully made, the bottle garden does not need any watering and maintenance. Bottle garden can be made in any bottle with transparent, thick, smooth and textureless glass without any coating.  
Plants suitable for bottle garden: Mini Syngonium, Peperomia, Baby's tear.
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Mini garden in glass bottle

3. Dish Garden:

Plants can be grown on a shallow ornamental dish. Usually, a ceramic dish is used to make a dish garden, but a dish made up of any other material can also be taken. There is no need to make any drainage holes on dish garden as it is supposed to be placed on the indoor tabletop where there is no scope for water dripping & out.
The base assembly for dish garden is similar to that of terrarium; however, much larger plants can be used in dish garden and their ore surface area available for decoration.
Plants suitable for dish garden: Spathiphyllum, Anthurium, Aralia, Crassula mini
Mini garden for table top

4. Tray landscape:

While the dish garden is confined to a small dish, a tray landscape covers the much larger area, and there is more scope for making theme based development.
Tray landscape can be made in conventional trays or specialized landscaping trays that have custom design molds. Tray landscape can be made on a temporary basis during special events, festivals or exhibitions. Apart from miniature plants, there is more focus on decorative material like stones, sculptures, and pebbles as well.
Plants suitable for tray landscape: Chlorophytum, Rhoeo, Kalanchoe.
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Tray gardening

Essential Tips for Tabletop Gardening:

  • The table spot you select should be a bright location getting indirect sunlight, preferably near a window.
  • The containers selected for tabletop gardening should not have any drainage holes in the bottom.
  • The tabletop garden is watered by misting the pants and soil by hand sprayer only. Water is sprayed and not showered by watering can or hose pipe.
  • Plants in a tabletop garden should be primarily protected from fungal infection.
  • Good old lucky bamboo always works when there is no scope for even tabletop gardening.
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Happy Gardening!