Why do we worship Tulsi plant?

Why do we worship Tulsi plant?

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Indian culture has many traditions that go back further than most people know. To this very day, they are a part of our everyday lives, and they continue to affect our lifestyles. It’s often the case of living with one foot in the past and one foot in the present. However, it is so important to know what sets Indian culture apart from others and why we do what we do.
One habit that is deeply steeped in Indian tradition is worshipping the Tulsi plant. We’ve seen our grandmothers and mothers do it, day in and day out but do you know why it is done?
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The answer to this too is immersed in Indian mythology and still inspires awe among people. Celebrate Diwali with Nature
The Tulsi is the most sacred plant that we worship because of its connection to Lord Vishnu. Also known as the Tulsi, the plant is believed to be the earthly form of the goddess Tulsi who was a devoted worshipper of Lord Krishna. As he is one of the most important deity in the Indian pantheon of gods, the Tulsi too shares this significance.
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The plant is usually given its space, preferably in the central courtyard, at one’s home. The masonry structure built to house the plant is called the Tulsi Vrindavan, and it usually has images of Lord Vishnu and his other forms like Krishna and Vithoba.
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Another Goddess, Lakshmi, is also closely associated with the Tulsi plant, and it is said that for those who wish to have a prosperous and peaceful life, this plant is an absolute must in the household.
But there isn’t just one kind of Tulsi, there actually are two; the lighter Rama Tulsi and the slightly darker Shyama Tulsi. It is the Shyama Tulsi, with its dark purplish leaves that is more closely associated with Krishna as the leaves are said to resemble his complexion.
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In ancient scriptures, the Tulsi is regarded as a gateway between heaven and earth. A holy prayer describes the Tulsi as having the supreme creator Brahma in its branches, the sacred Hindu scripture called the Vedas in its lower branches, all other deities in its stem and the Ganges running through its roots along with the center of all Hindu pilgrimage. This vivid description makes you understand the significance that this plant holds in the hearts and minds of its devotees. The images speak of thousands of years of history and legacy upon which modern traditions have been built.
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Keeping all this in mind it makes sense that the person who takes care of a Tulsi plant at home is duly rewarded. That person is said to gain moksha or salvation because of the care that they have shown towards the Tulsi. Finally, the Tulsi is also widely known for its medicinal values and is the core ingredient of many traditional healing methods.
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So, it is fair to say that the Tulsi isn’t just a part of Indian tradition but also an instigator of it. This holy plant offers a source of belief and prosperity to its devotees and a sense of peace to everyone around it.