Growing Radish

Growing Radish

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Radishes are a standard ingredient in salads due to their crunchy nature and pink-scarlet color. Available in numerous varieties and hundreds of colors like white, yellow, purple, pink and black Radishes are cherished globally. In India, the white Asian Mooli or Daikon Radishes are cooked and used in pickles. This particular variety grows as long as 24 inch (60 cms) and weighs up to two kgs. Summer Radishes are very easy to grow, mature quickly, and are usually eaten raw when crisp and young; while the winter radishes take longer, and can be stored after harvesting.
ripe radishes

Where to Plant Radishes?

Radishes need moist and fertile soil to grow. Do not plant them on freshly manured sites. During summers they grow well in partial shade and have no objection in being planted between or around other crops.
Seedlings, young radishes.

When to Plant Radishes?

Radish seeds can be sown throughout the year directly on the ground. Best results are found during Indian winters. Cool climate & full sunlight is ideal situation to grow Radish. Buy red round radish online.
radish vegetable

How to sow Radish seeds?

Plant a few seeds at a time, every couple of weeks. Sow them in thin rows or blocks at a depth of about 1 cm (0.5 inches). Thin the seedlings before they get cluttered; summer radishes should be thinned to about 1 in (2.5 cm) apart, and winter ones to 6 in (15 cm) apart. Buy radish golden seeds online in India.
radish seeds

Routine Care for Radishes:

Radishes should regularly be watered during hot and dry weather. Use watering cans to water them in order to avoid excessive supply. Too much of water will encourage too much leaf growth.
radish plant

Harvesting Radishes:

Summer Radishes should be ready to pick within a month or so after sowing. Don’t let them grow too big else they would become hard and woody and also taste healthy. Winter Radishes, on the other hand, grow larger than its counterparts and takes a long time to mature. They can be lifted off the ground during winters.
radish vegetable harvesting

Pests and diseases that can harm Radishes:

Flea Beetles can riddle the Radish leaves with tiny holes, though they rarely infect the Radishes directly. Slugs and Snails may nibble the roots. Cabbage flies and Clubroot pose a threat to Winter Radishes. To reduce the risk of infestations, it is advisable that you rotate the Radishes in the same cycle as Cabbages and other Brassicas. Know more about types of insect pests in your garden.
pests on radish leaves

Radish Varieties:

Summer Radishes - Amethyst, Cherry Belle, French Breakfast, Munchen Bier (edible pods), Purple Plum, Scarlet Globe, Sparkler, Ziata.
radish varieties
french breakfast radish
Winter Radishes - April Cross, Black Spanish Long, Black Spanish Round, China Rose, Mantanghong, Neptune.
Black Spanish Long
Black Spanish Round
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