10 Tips for Planning a Vegetable Garden

10 Tips for Planning a Vegetable Garden

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When it comes to growing gardens, the first thing to usually pop into our minds is either a vibrant flower garden or a nice fruit garden or a mix of both. Most of our time is then spent planning how this will be arranged and how it will finally look.
petunia flowers
When it comes to the vegetable garden, you often see bland and boring green, leafy patches in gardens surrounded by the beautiful flowers and fruits. But we're here to tell you that you shouldn't be shortchanging your vegetables because they too can be made to look beautiful. They already are the most nutritious part of your garden, but now it's time to make them equally beautiful too.
strawberry plant
So, how can you do that exactly? With these quick tips to make your vegetable garden look stunning:

1. Start with design:

Do away with the green patch and start getting creative. Some easy ways to do this are to look at other shapes like circles, hexagons, triangles, etc.
tomato plant in hanging basket

2. Think about the border:

The beauty of a vegetable patch can be enhanced if it is surrounded by vibrant border plants like orchids, nasturtium and various shrubs.
vegetable farm

3. Find elevation:

Don't just look at the ground when you're thinking of planting your vegetables, also look at hanging gardens, green walls and climbers. Learn about vertical gardens.
vertical vegetable garden

4. Jazz up the containers:

If the vegetables you're growing are all similar shades of green; then you can add some colour by choosing funky ceramic or fibre pots with creative designs. Buy attractive ceramic pots online.
vegetables growing in beautiful ceramic pots

5. Pick different varieties:

There are many vegetables like the Swiss Chard, Eggplants, Tomatoes, Cabbage, etc. that grow in numerous colours. Try choosing a variety of these to develop a myriad of hues in your garden.
Growing grapes and melons

6. Use supports or trellises:

Sometimes your vegetable plants aren't able to bloom to their potential because they just haven't received the support or sunlight they need. You can change that by installing simple trellises or beams or aesthetic plant cages.
tomatoes growing on trellis

7. Prune them well:

With the technology now at hand, pruning and mowing your garden has never been simpler. Invest in a pair of quality shears that will do the job without harming your plants. Understand Pruning to prune your plants well.
pruning tomato plant

8. Use the right fertilizers:

Every plant has specific needs when it comes to nutrients. Check on the back of the seed packet before you commit to anything and remember that organic fertilizers are usually the best choice.
Organic fertilizer

9. Add some accessories:

Even gardens can accessorize! If you want to add vividness and life to your vegetable garden, install bird houses, mini windmills, garden gnomes, stone pathways, etc. to make your vegetables stand out.
 Vegetables in home grown pots

10. Be different:

The biggest quick tip we have for you is the most obvious one, that is, aim for something unique. If you can't find inspiration on the internet, then look for it in other places. The key is to ensure that your vegetable garden isn't an afterthought.
vegetables and plants on rack
We hope these tips will prove useful to you and that your vegetable garden will soon become the pride of your green patch.