Growing Cucurbits: Monsoon special vegetables

Growing Cucurbits: Monsoon special vegetables

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What are Cucurbits?

Cucurbits are a very popular group of fruiting vegetables that are scientifically called as ‘Pepo.' All the Gourds, cucumbers, squashes and melons belong to this family. Most cucurbits are tender climbers & require the support of trellis to grow properly.
In the rainy season, many cucurbit climbers tend to grow vigorously. If grown in monsoon, you can get your supply of these healthy, watery vegetables throughout the season.
Seeds are directly sown on raised beds or in big containers. Cucurbit climbers start flowering in second month itself and harvesting can continue for 2-3 months as long as same climate persists. Cucurbit climbers require specious area and plenty of sunlight to grow.
So prepare your soil, raise a trellis & sow the seeds of following monsoon cucurbits, so that you don’t miss out on these nutritious delights.
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Listed below are Cucurbit Vegetables:

1. Cucumber:

These are most consumed cucurbits. Cucumbers are popular salads that come in so many different varieties. Check out the seeds: Green Cucumber (Long)  White Cucumber (Khira), Hybrid cucumber- cinderella, Hybrid cucumber-Dynasty, Hybrid cucumber-Gypsy, Hybrid cucumber-Herlong, Hybrid Cucumber-Zoro (NU-9999)
Rainy season vegetables

2. Bottle gourd:

Another popular household vegetable in India. This highly nutritious cucurbit comes in 2 main varieties. Check out the seeds: Bottle gourd (Long), Bottle Gourd (Round), Hybrid Bottle Gourd-Kapila.
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3. Bitter gourd:

Known as ‘Karela’ in India, it is a unique vegetable-fruit that can be used as food & medicine. Check out the seeds: Bitter Gourd (Green long), Bitter gourd (White), Hybrid Bitter Gourd-Arjun-36.
vegetables in monsoon season

4. Ridge gourd:

This is a common monsoon vegetable in India. The fruit is harvested when it’s young & unripe. Check out the seeds: Ridge gourd, Hybrid Ridge Gourd-Sawata
monsoon vegetables

5. Sponge gourd:

This vegetable is native to India. It is similar to Ridge Gourd, but the veggie fruit has a smooth surface. Check out the seeds:  Sponge Gourd, Hybrid Sponge Gourd-Jena
monsoon vegetables in india

6. Snake gourd:

These are the longest Gourds in the cucurbit family. The slender, twisted vegetables also have a lot of health benefits. Check out the seeds: Snake gourd
vegetables in monsoon season

7. Pumpkin:

This is a squash vegetable widely grown all over the world. Every gardener loves to grow pumpkins in their backyards. Check out the seeds: Red Pumpkin.
monsoon vegetables in india

Cucurbit Diseases:

All young cucurbit plants are prone to fungal disease Powdery mildew. Spray Uathne-M 45 to control mildew problem. As a natural remedy, you can also spray milk mixed with water on leaves of young cucurbit plants to prevent any fungal infection.

Pollination of cucurbits:

Most cucurbit climbers have unisexual flowers. This means on a same plant, different male and female flowers are produced. Usually theses flowers are pollinated by wind, ants and other insects. However you can take pollen from male flower on painting brush and dust it over female flower for assured pollination and higher yields.
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Happy Gardening!