6 Ways of Building Stunning Garden Border Fence

6 Ways of Building Stunning Garden Border Fence

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The best kind of home gardens are the ones where you can easily see the amount of effort that's gone into creating and maintaining them. That could mean all the obvious things like which plants you choose, how they are arranged, the colors, how and when they bloom, etc. But it means taking care of the little details. That's how a home garden really stands out.
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What exactly does that entail? Well, it could be anything like pairing compatible plants together, having a ‘ living wall' for diversity, attracting pollinators or making sure the borders/fences surrounding the garden are taken care of as well. That's a tiny detail that's often forgotten.
Worry not, we are here to give you some tips on how to beautify your borders! These ideas should get the creativity flowing and help you make your garden even more awe-inspiring.

Paint-inspired garden fence:

This is probably the easiest and quickest way to brighten up your fences. Just paint them with vivid colours like greens, blues, yellows, etc. If your garden has a colour theme, you can contrast the colour of your fence to add some depth. Either way, it's a great place to start.
colorful garden border fence

Try painting murals on garden borders:

If you really want to invest some time into your fences, then get fancy by painting murals inspired by your favourite movies, music, books, TV shows, family moments, inspiring quotes, etc. This additional visual element is sure to make your garden look unique.
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The living wall:

If you've been thinking of adding an extra dimension to your garden, then this is the perfect opportunity. A living wall is growing plants vertically. This could be with the support of wire mesh, trellises, support beams or just the fence itself. That way, your fence is truly a part of your garden!
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Add some shelves on border fencing:

Feel that your garden is running out of space? Want to grow some small herbs together? You can use your fence as a support and attach two or three tiers of shelves, fill them up with rich potting soil, ensure that they get enough sunlight and you're good to go.
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Think of the birds:

Adding some differently decorated birdhouses not only adds some pizzazz to your garden but does well for the environment. Just remember to add an accessible water supply. Soon your garden will be full of life, and you'll love it even more! Buy birdhouse online in India.
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Use your empty bottles or cans:

The glass bottles lying around the house or the many empty cans can be put to good use. You can use them as miniature pots or transplant some matured plants into them. It will get you some extra space and also help you feel eco-friendly! Read on to know how to use plastic bottles as containers.
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These are only a few ideas of what you can do to improve your fences. The best way to be creative is to just look around the house and use the extra pots, cans, decorations, interesting artefacts, etc. This would make your garden more beautiful and attractive. Read about tyre gardening to make your garden more beautiful.
That's a wonderful way to spend a weekend!