10 Flowering Plants That Grow Well in Shade

10 Flowering Plants That Grow Well in Shade

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While cultivating a home garden, there could be many limitations and problems that one could face. Why? Because not everyone has perfect outdoor conditions in their yards. One of the biggest things that can stop you or even discourage you from growing certain plants is the lack of sunlight. After all, sunlight is what nurtures the plants, feeds them and gives them strength.

If the unavailability of sunlight is stopping you from planting trees in your garden, we're here with a solution - a colorful and bright solution for the darkest corners of your space!

This blog will tell you about 8 of the best low light flowering plants in India that you can grow without too much of a fuss. Read on to know more!


• Shade-Loving Plants: 10 Flowering Plants that Grow in Shade in India

Here is a list of 8 shade-loving flowering plants in India that will uplift and enhance the entire look of your garden by just existing! 


1. Amethyst Flowers

amethyst flowers as shade flowering plants

A star-shaped, violet-blue flower, Amethyst flowers are perfect for growing in hanging pots because they require just some warm shade or filtered sunlight. You can also find these flowers in a lovely white-violet color. This shade-loving flowering plant can sit anywhere in the space you give and effortlessly upgrade the looks of its surroundings.

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2. Begonia

begonia flowers are shade-loving flowering plants

Large flowering plants that grow in shade, found in almost every color you can think of, Begonias are the epitome of vibrancy! Specifically, Crimson Begonias are certainly one of the most eye-catching flowers you could plant in your garden. With minimal demands in terms of the light they require, Begonias grow well almost anywhere, allowing you more flexibility and freedom!


3. Toad Lily

Toad lily flowers that grow well in shade

Easy to grow and often compared to the beautiful Orchids, the Toad Lily blooms as flawless white shade plants, even in the darkest light conditions. These Lilies can also be found in stunning purple or blue colors, giving you more creative freedom. 


4. Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart

bleeding heart flowering plants

Scientifically called (Dicentra spectabilis), this shade-loving flowering plant produces white or pink heart shaped flowers that hang beautifully from their arched stems. Perfect for hanging baskets across various displays, the Bleeding Heart flowers are like a quick fix just when you need it!


5. Hosta

hosta flowers that grow in shade

Probably one of the most famous perennial plants that grow in the shade, the Hosta flower is also very easy to grow. Not just that, but it also adds a great deal of aesthetic value to your home garden with its vibrant blooms that exude a charm unforgettable. 


6. English Ivy

English Ivy is a shade loving flowering plant

The English Ivy a climber plant that grows in the shade, giving even more variety to your garden. English Ivy is a fairly frost-resistant plant that just requires some moist, well-drained soil and is very flexible with its need for light. Considered an invasive weed in many regions of the world, you can use this stunner and its rigorous growth patterns to your benefit for creating the perfect, lush garden in your home.

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7. Jerusalem Sage

Jerusalem sage as a shade loving flower

The ground level of your home garden should be just as beautiful as everything else! That's why this shade loving, ground cover plant should be allowed to bloom in your garden. The Jerusalem Sage is a shade plant that thrives in low light conditions and effortlessly adds to the charm and value of your home garden. Why stop at flowers, think beyond!


8. Hydrangea

Blue and Pink hydrangea shade flowers

We're sure you've heard of this flowering plant and even seen some of its many color varieties. But did you know that the Hydrangea only needs a bit of afternoon shade to grow well in your garden? This shade flower is the ideal garden flower for many, regardless of the kind of space and light availability. How? Because Hydrangeas grow well almost anywhere!

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9. ‘Mrs. Popple' Fuchsia

stunning purple and dark pink fuchsia flower

A truly unique flowering plant, this variety of the Fuchsia produces almost bell-like scarlet flowers that hang elegantly from the stem. As shade flowering plants, the Fuchsia is perfect for your if you're short on spotlight under the direct sun. Plus, this flower adds the perfect pop of color of your home garden. 


10. Columbine

columbine flowers on a hill as shade-loving flowering plants

Producing colorful blossoms that are red, orange and yellow, all the Columbine needs is full shade and some moist and well-drained soil. As a flowering plant which require less sunlight in India, this plant will thrive in our climate and undoubtedly brighten up any shady corner of your garden.

With these shade flowering plants, the darker corners of your home garden now needn't be left bare. Not only do these plants thrive in low light conditions but they are also relatively easy to grow. Now, that you have so many options to work with, it's time to make that shade garden more energetic and lively... happy gardening!


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