Take your Diwali decorations a level up with Marigold Flowers

Take your Diwali decorations a level up with Marigold Flowers

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The festival of lights or Diwali is probably the most awaited family celebration of the year. Neighbourhood after neighborhood is lit up as brightly as possible, poised and ready to welcome happiness and prosperity. Of course, the official puja has already begun with the Navratri and Dussehra starts the 20-day countdown to Diwali.
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At this time, everyone is busy cleaning up their home, making it look as beautiful and new as possible. We light lamps, say our prayers, buy new clothes, exchange gifts and eat lots of sweets. But there’s one other aspect that truly makes Diwali authentic, that is seeing beautiful marigold flowers everywhere!
Zendu in pooja thali
These flowers are a crucial part of Diwali decorations and brighten up one’s home. We use it as part of Toran, and we can also get creative with it and make it a part of our rangoli. That way, you can make any guest entering your home feel welcome! The marigold is an auspicious flower and having it adorn your home during Diwali is traditional that has been passed down through the ages.
But have you ever wondered why that is? Well, read on, and you will find out!
Marigold flower garland
diwali decoration with marigold flowers

Marigold - An Auspicious Flower

  • Since as far as we can remember, the marigold has been considered an auspicious flower and a favorite of the Gods. Read more on marigold flowers.
  • If you want to show your affection and devotion to the Gods, then this is the flower that you would present. The flower is popularly called Genda in India.
  • It is also known as the “Herb of the Sun” and is seen as a representation of the sun. Fire and passion are other things associated with this flower, and it is also a staple of Indian weddings.  
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Marigold Garlands - A Sign of Good Fortune

  • Marigold garlands are used especially during Diwali as it is also called the Hindu New Year.
  • Also, a hidden meaning behind its use during Indian celebrations is its hardy nature. It does last for a relatively long time. Thus, it symbolizes an individual’s ability to conquer anything as long as he/she keeps faith in the divine.
  • This association is especially seen during Vijayadashami – when Lord Rama defeated Ravana, the crucial victory of good or evil. This is also seen in the Sanskrit name of the flower, Sthulapushpa, which denotes the will to overcome obstacles. Read about trees worshipped during Dussehra.
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Diwali Decoration Ideas with Marigold Flowers

  • Use orange, yellow and white color flowers to create Rangolis. Floral Rangoli designs are eye-catching, easy to create and safe.
  • A wall embellished with flowers, artificial lights, and fancy frills looks outstanding.  You could use flowers to decorate the entrance and stairways or fill glass bowls with floating flowers.
  • Gifting bundles of aromatic flowers make one feel loved. Gorgeous and stunning flower arrangements that include potted buds and lucky bamboos can add a dash of nature and color to your festival.
  • Organize your Diwali party with a floral theme and revive relationships in style.
diwali decoration with flowers
marigold garland for god
A Diwali celebrated with peace of mind is the best kind of Diwali.
Happy Diwali!