10 Beautiful Small Flowering Trees for Your Garden

10 Beautiful Small Flowering Trees for Your Garden

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Evergreen or flowering small trees are dominant elements of a home garden and contribute substantially to the garden atmosphere. The selection of trees would depend on the architecture of home garden and the landscaping purpose for which the tree is required.

Let's have a look at some of the small trees that can be grown in average sized home gardens:

1. Amherstia nobilis (Orchid tree):

A truly notable evergreen tree with its Vermillion color flowers edged with yellow, drooping from branches in Indian summers. Its tender copper color leaves emerging simultaneously with the flowers and also drooping from every shoot of the tree are a visual delight.

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orchid tree

2. Callistemon sp. (Bottle brush):

A medium sized, slow growing, evergreen tree suitable for small gardens. It is an excellent tree to be grown as the focal point in a sweeping lawn. It has lovely foliage, crimson blooms, and pendulous branches. The flowering branches have remarkable resemblance with a real bottle brush.
bottle brush tree

3. Erythrina sp. (Coral tree):

This is an excellent drought resistant deciduous tree. It bears orange-red colored flowers on a leafless tree in summer. The tree with its unique bark and typical branching pattern resembles sea corals. The tree loves sunny protected positions on the south side of a garden.
Coral Plant

4. Grevillea robusta (Silver oak):

The evergreen tree with silvery fern-like leaves fluttering in the air with almost the whole tree swinging lightly, is a gorgeous sight. It bears a beautiful mass of mustard yellow flowers in summers. When young it can be grown as a houseplant, as it grows it is planted as a lovely focal tree or an avenue tree.
silver oak tree

5. Jacaranda Mimosifolia (Neel-mohar):

A deciduous, leafless tree covered with soft lilac blue, bell shaped flowers in summer, is delicately lovely. Its light, airy foliage is equally attractive. Fallen flowers make a lovely carpet underneath. The tree can be pruned and trained as a bush. Read about top 10 flowering trees of India.
Jacaranda tree

6. Cassia Javanica:

It's a small deciduous tree that flowers in late summer. It forms magnificent pink colored blooms which intermingle with leaves. The drooping branches with feathery leaves are very ornamental. The tree is propagated by seed sowingBuy Cassia Javanica tree seeds online.
Cassia javanica or pink shower tree

7. Brownea Coccinea:

It is an evergreen small tree. It bears scarlet tubular flowers nicely arranged hanging from the drooping branches. The young leaves are hairy, with attractive pale buff to pinkish brown color. The tree is easy to propagate by air layering.
small flowering tree of Brownea Coccinea

8. Lagerstroemia indica (Crape Myrtle):

A small deciduous tree that flowers twice a year. Flowers can be pink, mauve or white. This tree can be easily propagated by stem cuttings. In urban gardening, this tree is treated as a hedging shrub for roadside plantations.
crape myrtle pink flower

9. Plumeria sp. (Champa):

Plumeria is a small genus of 7-8 tree species that are very popular in landscape gardening. These plants bear large, leathery leaves on branches with distinct form and growth habit. The trees are known for their conspicuous flowers of red, yellow-eyed, cream or white color, depending on species. The flowers can be slightly scented or very fragrant. Read about top 10 fragrant flowers of India.
small garden trees - frangipani tree

10. Bauhinia Purpurea (Purple orchid tree):

A deciduous tree that flowers in winters. The scented flowers have tones of rose and purple colors. It is suitable for roadside plantation and group plantings. Easily propagated through seeds which are produced in abundance.
purple orchid tree
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