The Most Beautiful White Flowers

The Most Beautiful White Flowers

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White is the colour of purity and no matter the kind of garden you have or the plants that are already growing, white will always look good.
Isn’t it true that the colour white has this almost mystical ability to draw the eyes and keep your attention? If you’ve felt this before, then you aren’t the only one.
All around the world, white is used as a harbinger of significant occasions like births, professing love, tranquility, celebrating a union and even eternal peace. No wonder so many strive to make the colour white a part of their lives, whether consciously or subconsciously. Buy flower seeds online in India.
Now, for gardeners, we have the choice of growing beautiful white flowers that will simply light up the garden. These come in so many different varieties, shapes, sizes and even fragrances that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

To make your job easier, we’ve made a list of the most alluring white flowers that you can grow in your garden. Take a look and choose what you love!

1) Moon Flower:

The Moon Flower also called the Wijayakusuma flower. If you want something exotic in your garden, then there’s no better choice. This flower blooms just once a year for two hours but, oh boy, it’s worth the wait!
white beautiful moonflower

2) Kadupul flower (Epiphyllum Oxypetalum):

The celestial and beautiful Kadupul flower is another unique choice. Its myths are connected to that of Buddha and peace and serenity in the highlands. Some also popularly call it the “Midnight Miracle.” Read about top 10 most fragrant flowers in India.

orchid cactus: night blooming cactus

3) Desert Lily (Hesperocallis Undulata):

Did you know that some of the most magnificent and unique flowers grow in the desert? They have to be special to survive in such harsh conditions, and few are more special than the Desert Lily. Having this white flower will turn your garden into an oasis.
lily of the desert

4) White Bluebell:

Speaking of harsh conditions, Iceland isn’t an easy place for vegetation to grow. So much you can infer from its name. But the peculiar and delicate White Bluebell has found a way to adapt even here. Surely, it deserves a place in your garden as well?
bell flower - white flower

5) White Rose:

As a symbol of young, undying love, the White Rose has stood the test of time. It is a much-vaunted flower with beautiful blooms that have become famous all over the world. 
White flowering rose

6) White Orchid:

When it comes to rarity, the White Orchid is very high on the list. In fact, it is the rarest of orchids and lends an exotic and an almost tropical look to any environment. This one is worth the search for sure! Learn about growing orchids indoors.
little white flowers - Orchid flower

7) White Carnations:

White Carnations are somehow equal parts sophisticated and alluring. They are a representation of modern design trends yet aren’t out of place in an old school era where beauty was adored. Save a place for them.
carnation flower

8) Lily:

As we’ve mentioned in one of our other blogs, the Lily is the symbolic flower of India. Its white variety would make a great addition to your garden as you take some inspiration from the motherland.
lily flower plant

9) White Magnolia:

One of the sweetest smelling flowers out there, the White Magnolia is extremely popular in the United States. No surprise considering its fragrance and delicate appearance.
large white flower - magnolia grandiflora

10) Iceberg Rose:

Finally, we have the Iceberg Rose. Not something you’re likely to come across in your neighbour’s garden, but that’s why it’s the right choice. Its cup shaped flower with unusual white petals will always stand out!
Iceberg white rose plant
So, which of these flowers would you like to bring into your garden? Let us know in the comments below!
Happy gardening!