Top 10 Shade-Giving Trees in India

Top 10 Shade-Giving Trees in India

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Trees are considered as ‘Lungs of Earth’. They are the biological entities with a perennial, tall, and conspicuous trunk. Evergreen, large trees serve as natural air conditioners especially in hot and dry climate, by lowering down temperatures of surroundings through transpiration. A careful planting of trees enhances the beauty of surroundings and brings the change in the skyline of a landscape. Here are some of the best fast-growing trees that provide shade in India:


The Best Fast-Growing Shade Trees in India

1. Albizia Lebbeck (Siris)

The Sirisis a handsome, fast-spreading and fast-growing tree, that reaches up to a height of 20-25 m. This shade tree is somewhat resistant to drought. It is a good alternative plant for a traditional tree with similar appearance called Rain Tree (Samanea saman)


2. Anthocephalus Cadamba (Kadamba)

This shade tree is associated with Lord Krishna. A large 10 m tall, fast-growing tree with a spreading crown and drooping branches. The ball-like flowers are sweet scented. This rapidly growing tree is planted in large groves or on the roadside. It is highly susceptible to frost.


3. Azadirachta Indica (Neem)

It is a large evergreen tree (13-16 m) with elegant appearance. It is hardy and grows well in saline soil and dry conditions. This modern Indian medicinal & air purifying plant is recommended as an avenue shade tree for highways.


4. Casuarina Equisetifolia (Whistling Tree)

This fast-growing tree attains a considerable height, 20 m or more, and is not planted in a small garden. This shade tree is usually planted as wind barrier tree on beaches and seashores. “The soft sighing of the air through its many slender twigs is a pleasant sound, reminiscent of the noise of the sea on a distant shore"- Benthall.


5. Ficus Religiosa (Pipal)

The Ficus is a large, fast-growing tree (30 m tall) with fluttering heart-shaped leaves with a long tapering point. In April, the old leaves shed, and dark-red colored young leaves appear giving the plant and ornamental look. It is a sacred tree to the Hindus and Buddhists. It is suitable for planting as a specimen in the garden just like the great Indian Banyan tree, Ficus benghalensis.


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6. Kigelia Pinnata (Sausage tree)

Medium to large sized (7-16 m) evergreen, this fast-growing tree has a globular appearance and a dense branching system. The flowers look unusual, and fruits are big, heavy and sausage shaped. This is a good foliage tree for parks and Avenue planting. 


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7. Mimusops Elengi (Bakul) 

It is a medium-sized (15 m tall) fast-growing evergreen tree with a dense crown of dark green shining foliage. The white, very fragrant drooping flowers are borne in clusters twice a year and remain hidden in the leaves. A favorite of Indian gardeners, suitable for planting in a large lawn or along the narrow roads.

8. Pongamia Pinnata (Karanj)

A medium tall (10-15 m) tree with bright green, glossy leaves. The tree, when laden with lilac colored flowers, looks beautiful in summers. This is a fast growing tree suitable for roadside avenues & public places as a shade tree and for ornamental purpose.


9. Putranjiva Roxburghii (Child-life-tree)

A moderate sized evergreen tree (10 m tall) with uniform spreading habit. The dense foliage is beautiful, dark green, and gives the plant a sad look. It is a superb avenue tree and can be planted in public places as a shade tree too.


10. Terminalia Arjuna (Arjun)

A large (20-25 m tall), evergreen shade tree, commonly planted on the roadside. In Indian mythology, ‘Arjun’ is supposed to be Sita’s favourite tree. Native to India, the tree attracts lots of attention because of its association with religion & its many medicinal uses.

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