Getting Festival Ready - Grouping Pots and Plants

Getting Festival Ready - Grouping Pots and Plants

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Grouping pots and plants for a perfect look is not rocket science. You need to pair them up in such a way that a visually enticing display of flower and foliage is created. At Ugaoo, you could pick up some of the most colourful and bespoke pots and planters ranging from concrete planters, ceramic planters, plastic containers, self-watering planters and many more.
Our planters are not only a piece of art, but are equally functional, as they come with drainage holes. An ideal companion to these planters are our range of live plants; and if you wish to grow something of your choice - pick up seeds, soil manure and a lot more.

To get started, bring all your pots and plants together and let’s get started with grouping them.

If isolated pots seem to lack impact, try grouping them - the mutual support they lend each other gives them a strength that they lack individually. If the containers are rather plain, placing smaller ones in front will mask those behind and bring the display almost to ground level.

Groups in the Porch:

Make a bold display in a porch by using tall plants, especially evergreen shrubs, at the back and smaller flowering plants in front.
If space is limited, instead of going for a lush effect with lots of foliage and flowers, concentrate on the containers rather than the plants. Decorative pots are often available as matching sets. Grouping these looks good even if the plants they contain are only mediocre.
Grouped plants in front porch

Groups in Corners:

Difficult corners are an ideal place in which to use containers to create colour, filling in a spare piece of ground where nothing much seems to do well. Patios usually have corners that would otherwise remain unused. Group shrubs or tall houseplants at the back and unusual summer bedding plants in front, along with bright-leaved indoor plants for the warmest months.
Alternatively, choose a small group of elegant containers and use the plants in a more restrained way.
A trailer growing from a pedestal container with a cluster of distinctive small pots around the base can be as eye-catching as a large group.
In a round corner, perhaps formed where two wooden fences join, or where house joins fence in a sunless position, try making a bed of small-sized gravel on which to place a group of terracotta pots.
Red gravel will help to bring colour. Fill the pots with bright annuals for the summer, and winter-flowering pansies and bulbs for winter and spring. Try spacing the pots out and adding a few interesting pieces of rock among them.
Grouped potted plants in a corner

Groups on the Lawn:

Clusters of pots are an ideal means of breaking up a vast expanse of lawn. Don’t stand them directly on the grass, but use a bed of sand or gravel- this will stand out well from the grass, and make mowing around the containers easier. Read about How to maintain a lawn
Once done, dust off your hands and to share the images of grouped pots and plants. We would love to showcase your ideas on our Instagram and Facebook pages.
Grouping of plants on lawn
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Happy Gardening!
Reference: Practical Gardening by Peter McHoy