7 Beautiful Ground Cover Plants for Garden Walkways

7 Beautiful Ground Cover Plants for Garden Walkways

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A home garden is precious because we put so much effort into every inch, every nook, every corner and every square foot. Which is exactly why sometimes our home gardens aren’t very feet-friendly? This is an aspect that most home gardeners tend to overlook because we don't think about the times that we'll be walking around in the garden, just to savor its beauty.
Sure you can build a path all around your garden but that can be expensive and may take away from the surrounding beauty. Instead, an easier thing would be to grow plants that can be walked on simply! It's a basic idea, but when done right, it will make your gardening life much, much easier.

1.Woolly Thyme:

Starting off our steppable plants is Woolly thyme, which is a variety of thyme with soft fuzzy leaves. It is extremely tolerant to foot traffic and works well in conjunction with the other plants in your garden. Just be careful because its pink flowers can attract bees sometimes.
thymus plant

2. Irish Moss:

Next, we have one of the most common pathway plants – the Irish moss. It is soft and is often used to surround stone walkways to give a more organic and natural feel to the garden. Also, it is known to grow quite quickly.
irish moss

3. Blue star creepers:

Want the effect of a starry sky under your feet? Then grow some Blue star creepers. They are not only very adept at being foot-friendly but also produce gorgeous white flowers that can light up any garden floor.
creeper flower plants

4. Roman chamomile:

One of the most desirable things in any garden is to have one that smells inviting and invigorating. Roman chamomile, when grown as a steppable plant, it produces sweet fragrances in addition to a charming, white flower filled walkway, around your garden.
chamomile flower

5. Lady's mantle:

Sometimes we just want a basic plant that will cover the floor and also be walkable. Lady's mantle does exactly that because it doesn't require too much attention or care, just plant it and let it grow.
lady's mantle

6. Corsican mint:

Another thing that we love about gardens is when we can just pick out plants from it while cooking, to make our food more delicious. The Corsican mint is exactly that because it is a gorgeous steppable flower that can be used to add some flavor to your food.
corsican mint 

7. Beach Strawberries:

Finally, we have the Beach Strawberries. These plants are well-known for growing over rocky formations or pathways and being tolerant to foot traffic. Moreover, they also produce tiny, edible strawberries.
beach strawberry
With any of these plants, you'll not only be able to walk around your garden easily but also add some unique beauty or fragrance to it. It's these little things that show how much you care about your garden and elevate your gardening experience to greater heights.

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