10 Summer Flowers and Foliage Plants to Grow

10 Summer Flowers and Foliage Plants to Grow

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In the scorching summer colorful and aromatic flowers are a treat to the eyes and soul. There are a variety of plants you can adorn your garden with. Some offer vibrant color range while the others come with a sweet fragrance and ornamental value. Browse through the list below and select which ones you would love to have in your garden.


• 10 Summer Flowers and Plants To Grow

Here are a few flowers to grow in the summer months, known for their low maintenance requirements and their hardiness through harsh summer weathers. 

1. Portulaca Plants

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It is a low growing, ground cover type low-maintenance plant. Bright and stunning it is also known as Portulaca grandiflora. These garden plants love maximum sunlight and are drought tolerant. Portulaca does not require timely watering because the cylindrical foliage of the flower retains water. These are available in various colors pink, red, orange, yellow, lavender, cream and white.

2. Sunflower

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Sunflowers are the easiest growing summer flowers. They come in a variety of sizes. Right from dwarf to tall. They are available in various shades of yellow, red and orange. Apart from a variety of colors, the garden flowers also come in numerous types of petal counts. Sunflowers grow best in the summer and attract birds.


3. Zinnia 

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When compared to the other species of garden flowers, Zinnia is the most sustainable species. In the embryonic stage, these flowers do require watering every morning but as they grow they do not need frequent watering. This makes them drought tolerant and summer friendly. Plant Zinnia in your garden to add a splash of fresh color to your green quilt.


4. Canna Lily 

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Resembling the Iris, Canna Lilies are low-maintenance and easy to grow plants. The flower colors vary from green to bronze. They love ample of heat and hence can be easily grown during summers.


5. Peet Bhringraj 

This foliage plant is also a moisture loving herb. It can be easily grown in the moisture loving soil. The tiny white color floral heads appear like tiny drops of snow and beautify your garden. 

6. Indian Sorrel 

Indian Sorrel is also known as Changeri. Best grown summer flowering plants, its beautiful pink flowers add a refreshing hue to the garden.

7. Gazania

This ornamental plant needs minimal care and looks the prettiest. The Gazania flowers close at the night. They handle the drought conditions extremely well. So, even if you forget to water them, these summer flowers will still blossom!

8. Double Oleander  

This easy-growing, low-maintenance plant bears flat petals and pink colored flowers. Plush with fragrance the flowers are also available in red, yellow, white and salmon. Double Oleanders are very attractive and do not like the cold weather.

10. Celosia or the Cockscomb 

The brilliant red Celosia summer flowers make for unusual borders and edging. These are also used to beautify the bouquets. Both fresh and dried variants can be used for the same. Like others, these plants too grow the best in the warm climate.

10. Kochia 

This is an annual herb and is also known as the burning bush or fireweed. It is drought resistant and is also renowned as the ornamental plant owing to its bright red color.


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