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    Hybrid Watermelon Fruit Seeds - Nelson - 50 g Hybrid Watermelon Fruit Seeds - Nelson - 50 g

    Hybrid Watermelon Seeds-Nelson - 50 g

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    Ready for harvest in 80 - 85 days after sowing. Fruit is deep Black in colour, round shaped, with Red flesh. It has a Sweet taste. Good for long distance transportation. Weight of Fruit is 8kg - 10kg. Resistant to Fusarium wilt. Learn More

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Buy Hybrids Fruits Seeds Online In India

F1 means “first generation offspring.” These are not genetically modified but are created through traditional plant breeding techniques. You can buy optimum Hybrid Fruit Seeds Online at Ugaoo.com as they ensure optimum size, fruit quality, are more robust and able to overcome adverse growing conditions. Hybrid Fruit Seeds are beneficial to plant breeders as they can control the inbred lines, grow better cultivars, and produce disease-resistant varieties. Log onto Ugaoo.com to purchase optimum quality Hybrid Fruit Seeds online.

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