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Indoor plants are a great way to improve not only your home decor but also your health. With Ugaoo, indoor plants for home have become more accessible and exotic and easy to care for indoor plants are available at your fingertips. Buy indoor plants online from our extensive range of best indoor plants for home and turn your home into a paradise.


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Indoor Plants Online

We all are seeking a connection to nature, we do it through our morning jogs in parks and green jogging tracks, through paintings of nature, or vacations to scenic places. One of the best ways to bring the outdoors indoors is through indoor plants. With the increase in the number of people who are interested in home gardening, buying indoor plants online has become the way to shop.
So why should you buy indoor plants online?
Interior plants, more famously called indoor plants, can be bought anywhere, but when you buy indoor home plants online from a trusted online plant seller like Ugaoo, not only do you get a premium plant.

Benefits of Indoor plants

There are a bevy of benefits that it brings with itself. Some of which are-

✅ Ugaoo sells some of the best indoor plants for home. It has a wide range of indoor home plants that include both local as well as exotic varieties that can not be found anywhere else
✅ Ugaoo indoor plants come in self watering planters that help reduce the gardening stress by reducing the chances of over watering or underwatering your plants.
✅ Indoor home plants you buy from Ugaoo come with their own potting mix customised to suit every plant. The potting mix helps grow stronger roots and in turn helps with better shoot development.
✅ All our indoor home plants come with their own care cards to help you take care of plants in the best way possible.
✅ Your plant experts are always available to help you take care of your interior plants.

Buy Indoor plants for home

There are several kinds of indoor plants for home that are available online. Here are some major categories of best indoor plants for home.

Indoor plants based on weather conditions-

▶ Tropical indoor plants:

Tropical indoor plants have lush green foliage with showy leaves that are stunning in colour and form. They love humidity and turn your home into an indoor jungle.

▶ Desert plants:

Desert plants are hardy plants that don't like water or humidity but love the full sun through the day. Plants like adenium, cactuses, and succulent plants are a good example of desert indoor plants.

Indoor plants for home, based on type-

◾ Flowering plants

Flowering plants add colour and style to a home. There are very few indoor home plants that flower as flowering indoor plants need sunlight. So if any corner of your home receives sunlight, you can keep indoor plants for home that flower.

◾ Foliage plants

Plants that do not flower but have stunning foliage can be classified as foliage indoor plants for home. Foliage plants are tropical in nature and love indirect light and humidity. There are a wide variety of indoor plants online that have beautiful foliage and can be kept anywhere indoors if the light requirements are met.

▪ Succulents

Succulents are great for homes that do not have a lot of space for large space, they also look great on tables and are also great work table plants for offices. While succulents love the sun, they are also the best indoor plants for home that get ample light.

Best indoor plants for home based on placement-

◾ Floor plants:

Indoor plants that are large need to be placed on the floor. Interior plants that grow straight on a central trunk like fiddle leaf fig indoor plant, or in a cluster like peace lily or Aglaonema interior plants look good as a floor plant.

◾ Table top plants:

Table top indoor plants for home are small plants that look great on table tops and shelves and a spot of green indoors. Succulent plants, foliage plants, trailing and climbing plants all look great on table tops. Ugaoo has a wide variety of best indoor plants for home in India.

◾ Hanging plants:

Hanging plants are great for urban homes that want to have indoor plants but either have no space or pets making floor or table top indoor plants for home unsafe. Trailing or climbing plants look great in hanging planters and Ugaoo has a great selection for indoor plants online shopping.

There are some other categories of indoor plants that are best indoor plants for home in India-

◾ Vastu indoor plants:

Some plants are considered good for homes as per vastu shastra and they improve the energy flow of the home. Ugaoo has a wide range of vastu indoor plants for home.

◾ Lucky plants:

There are several interior plants that are considered lucky as per Feng shui and bring in luck and prosperity. There are several indoor plants online that are allied luck indoor plants.

◾ Zodiac sign plants:

All zodiac signs have certain plants attached to them, people under these zodiac signs have an affinity to these indoor plants. You can explore the plants for your zodiac sign before you go indoor plants online shopping.

Buy Indoor house plants

You can buy premium indoor house plants online from Ugaoo. Indoor house plants come in self-watering planters and customised potting mixes with care cards. The plants are packaged in biodegradable plant pods that protect your favourite interior plants in transit and also come with a care card.
Ugaoo indoor house plants are grown organically on our own farms and are some of the best indoor plants for home in India. Buy house plants online from trusted sellers online from Ugaoo.


Where should I place my indoor plants?

All indoor plants need a basic minimum light. In general all house plants thrive in bright indirect light but some can do well in low light conditions too, for example bromeliads and ZZ are excellent low light plants.

How can I make my indoor plants grow faster?

All plants grow at their own rate, however their growth can be supplemented by providing them with ample light and regular watering. Plants also need regular fertilisation, however care needs to be taken as over fertilisation causes the plants to die.

How do I keep my houseplants bug free?

To keep your plants bug free employ preventive measures like spraying them with diluted neem oil (as per instruction) every fifteen days, take care to mist under the leaves as that is where bugs tend to take shelter. It is also important to avoid over misting your plants as humidity is a breeding ground for pests.

Do indoor plants purify the air?

According to research conducted by NASA, some plants have the ability to clean some particular types of pollutants to an extent. That said, the extent to which these plants can purify the air is very minimal. Some interior home plants help in preventing bacteria from settling down at home. However, your sole motive of buying indoor plants online shouldn’t be only about purifying the air, there are many other benefits that indoor plants provide including improving your mental wellbeing.

How often do I water my indoor plants?

While there is no standard answer to that question, as some plants love water more than the others. The general rule is to water your plant once the top soil is dry touch and does not stick to the finger on poking it. For more plant specific information you can refer to our indoor plants page that gives detailed plant care tips and information. You can also contact our plant experts on our customer care number for specific plant issues.