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Button Fern Plant

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    Water thrice a week

    Always check your plants before watering, the topsoil should be dry to touch. For succulents allow the potting mix to dry completely before watering again.

    Needs bright indirect sunlight

    Place your plants on window sills where it can get the brightest possible indirect light. Bright indirect light is when the plant is within a couple of feet of a natural source of light.

    Pet friendly

    The plant causes no harm to your pets on contact or ingestion, However, consuming indoor plants is not beneficial to their heath.

    Beginner friendly

    If you are a new gardener this is a great choice for you. The plant will thrive in your journey to learn gardening with trials and errors.

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    About the Product

    This dependable plant baby will complement any spot you want her to adorn. She is low-maintenance, air purifying and cute as a button, literally. She has a slender appearance owing to a lush foliage that is made up of tiny dark green leaves spaced out on a delicate stem. The easy going Button Fern is perfect for your table or in a hanging pot.

    What’s in the Box

    What’s in the Box

    • Button Fern Plant with Pot: 15 - 20 cm
    • Pot Size: 4 inch diameter
    • Soil Media:Coco Peat+Coco Chips+Soil
    • Recyclable box

    ✦About Button Fern

    Button fern (Pellaea rotundifolia), also known as the round-leaved fern, is a captivating houseplant that brings a touch of lush elegance to indoor spaces. With its charming round leaflets and manageable size, the button fern is an ideal choice for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.

    ✦Importance of Button Fern Plant:

    ➛Aesthetic Appeal:

    Button ferns are renowned for their unique, delicate appearance. Their round leaflets and vibrant green color make them an appealing choice for indoor decor, adding a pop of nature to your home.

    ➛Air Purification:

    Like many houseplants, button ferns help improve indoor air quality by naturally filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen. They contribute to a healthier living environment.

    ➛Low Maintenance:

    Button ferns are relatively low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for those who want the beauty of indoor plants without a lot of fuss.

    ✦Button Fern Care Tips Indoors:


    Button ferns thrive in bright, indirect light. Place them near a window with filtered sunlight, but avoid direct sun exposure, as it can scorch their delicate leaves.


    Use a well-draining potting mix with a good balance of organic matter. A mix designed for ferns or general houseplants is suitable.


    Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water when the top inch of the soil feels slightly dry. Ensure the pot has proper drainage to prevent overwatering.


    Button ferns love high humidity. Boost the moisture level by misting the leaves regularly, placing a tray of water near the plant, or using a humidifier.


    Maintain a consistent temperature range of 60-70°F (15-24°C) for your button fern. Avoid exposing it to drafts and extreme temperature fluctuations.


    Feed your button fern with a balanced, diluted liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring to early autumn).


    Trim yellowing or damaged fronds to encourage new growth. This helps maintain the button fern's appealing appearance.

    ✦Propagation of Button Fern:

    Button ferns can be propagated through spore cultivation or by division. Spore propagation is more challenging and time-consuming, while division is simpler. You can carefully separate the plant into smaller sections and pot them individually.

    ✦Where to Keep Your Button Fern:

    ➛Living Rooms:

    Place your button fern in the living room to add a touch of greenery and elegance to your space. It thrives in the indirect light often found in this area.


    Bathrooms provide the high humidity that button ferns adore. They'll appreciate the moisture in the air.


    Button ferns can create a calming and refreshing atmosphere in bedrooms, contributing to a restful night's sleep.

    ➛Office Spaces:

    Add a button fern to your workspace to reduce stress and enhance the ambiance of your office.


    For a creative touch, you can place button ferns in glass terrariums to create a mini-ecosystem.


    Do ferns improve humidity?

    Yes, ferns improve humidity

    What are the health benefits of ferns?

    Ferns purify air, improve humidity, remove allergens from air, and also help better mental health and reduce anxiety.

    Are ferns air purifying plants?

    Yes, ferns purify air

    What are the common names of Fern Plant?

    all varieties of fern plants are commonly referred to as simply fern plants.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Bhushan Desai

    Button fern was delivered in good condition with safety instructions to unbox and take care of plant

    Vishakha Pathania

    Looks good.

    Sunit Singha Roy
    Excellent service

    Healthy & fresh button fern delivered within just 03 days. Thanks Ugaao

    Zankhana Patel
    Button Fern

    I loved the beauty of button fern...I planted in a hanging basket. The entire process of ordering and getting in-time well packaged without damaging the plant is appreciable..

    Sruthi Muraleedharan

    The plant arrived safely. The packaging was really good. Impressed with the service

    From Happy Plant Parents

    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial

    After receiving this plant (𝑴𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒂 𝑫𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒊𝒐𝒔𝒂),the plant was mature,tall as promised with a healthy was well hydrated and full of node..The packaging was great... Thank you @ugaoo for this delightful Monstera.. I'll be happy to buy it again

    Aishwarya Roy

    Ugaoo is a brand that's synonymous with trust.. you know your plants will have a long life once you buy from them, not only because their plants and seeds quality is good, but they handhold you through every small part of the lifecycle.. they are my plant buddies for life... Whether i buy online, from The Jungle, whether i buy jade or mooli seeds... Whether i chat on insta or attend their online classes, or request for a return... each and every member of the ugaoo family speaks the same language... That of love- for the customer and for plants.. i am so glad ugaoo is in my life


    It was always wonderful experience with ugaoo plants what they show is what customer receives always

    And that is too big thing to manage packaging and quality

    Love for ugaoo foundation will remain infinite

    Samarth Goyal

    “During covid, all deliveries became,plants,groceries..wait..plants? Who would have thought?..well..Ugaoo did and is best at it. They make sure that we get the greenest and lushest plants so that we can love & care for them as they do. Their delivery containers are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing too. I personally am in love with their service and would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to make the first step in making their home a jungle  ”

    Anirudh Nambiar