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Croton Petra

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    Water twice a week

    Always check your plants before watering, the topsoil should be dry to touch. For succulents allow the potting mix to dry completely before watering again.

    Needs direct sunlight

    Place your plant where it has direct access to sunlight. Direct light is when the plant receives yellow sunlight beams for at least 4 to 5 hours in a day.

    Not Pet Friendly

    This plant and your furry friends cannot become the best buds.

    Beginner friendly

    If you are a new gardener this is a great choice for you. The plant will thrive in your journey to learn gardening with trials and errors.

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    About the Product

    Green, yellow, maroon, peach, orange – if there was ever a plant rainbow, this would be it. A showstopper for any indoor space, the Croton Petra plant purifies air like a pro and looks like a Baroque style painting while doing it. The colourful variegation in its stunning leaves changes colour depending on light and age of the leaf.

    What’s in the Box

    What’s in the Box

    • Croton Petra Plant with Pot: 45 - 50 cm
    • Pot Size: 5 inch diameter
    • Soil Media:Soil+Coco Peat+Coco Chips
    • Recyclable box

    Croton Petra Plant Origins:

    The Croton Petra plant belongs to the Codiaeum Variegatum species, with its distinctive features and colorful foliage setting it apart. Originating from the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Pacific Islands, the plant thrives in warm and humid climate.
    Its botanical name, Codiaeum Variegatum Petra, reflects the variegated patterns present in its leaves, making it a visual delight.

    Codiaeum Variegatum Petra Symbolism and Significance:

    Croton Petra is renowned for its symbolic significance across different cultures. In some societies, it is said to signify prosperity, growth, and positive energy.
    With its vibrant, variegated leaves in red, yellow, and green, the Croton Petra plant represents growth and good luck. In Feng Shui, this tropical plant is valued for harmonizing energy and inviting abundance.
    Additionally, the plant is believed to have air-purifying qualities, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

    Croton Petra Plant Benefits:

    The Croton Petra offers a range of benefits, making it more than just a visually appealing plant:

    1. Codiaeum Croton Petra is a Great Air Purifier:

    Known for its air-purifying qualities, the Croton Petra helps remove toxins like formaldehyde and benzene, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

    2. Aesthetic Appeal:

    The plant's striking and colorful foliage adds an elegant and vibrant touch to any space, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating a visually pleasing atmosphere.

    3. It Creates a Positive Atmosphere:

    With its symbolism of positivity and good luck, the Croton Petra can uplift the mood and create a positive atmosphere in homes and offices.

    4. Connection to Nature:

    With its very tropical vibes, the Croton Petra plant brings a hint of the tropics indoors. This establishes a connection to nature, promoting well-being and reducing stress levels.

    5. Croton Petra Plant Low Maintenance:

    Despite its lush appearance, the Croton Petra is relatively low-maintenance, making it an ideal choice for both experienced and novice plant enthusiasts.

    6. Versatility:

    Suitable for various indoor settings, the plant adapts well to different environments, adding versatility to its benefits for those looking to incorporate it into diverse living spaces.

    Care for Croton Petra Plant:

    1. Light:

    To ensure good Codiaeum Petra indoor care, provide bright, indirect sunlight to maintain the vibrant colors of the leaves. Avoid direct sunlight, as it may scorch the leaves.

    2. Watering:

    Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again.

    3. Humidity:

    Mimic the plant's tropical origins by maintaining high humidity levels. Regular misting or placing a humidifier nearby can be beneficial.

    4. Temperature:

    Croton Petra thrives in warm temperatures between 15-24°C and should be protected from drafts, as it doesn’t do well with extreme temperatures.

    5. Soil:

    Use well-draining soil rich in organic matter to ensure optimal growth.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Ekta shah
    Nice one

    I received croton in very good condition with good packaging and a healthy plant, its doing very well

    Karishma Patel
    lovely plant

    really happy with packaging and the quality of the plant i received 😊
    Thank you so much

    Manjula Bose
    Loved it

    Loved it

    Richa Trivedi
    Colour ful and fresh croton

    I got really nice croton Petra though It was slightly hard to take care first but soon I got the solution from Ugaoo

    Adil Ansari
    Healthy Plant

    Received a very vibrant, colorful & healthy Croton Petra from Ugaoo. I expected the size to be bigger, but I am happy with this purchase!

    From Happy Plant Parents

    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial

    After receiving this plant (𝑴𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒂 𝑫𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒊𝒐𝒔𝒂),the plant was mature,tall as promised with a healthy was well hydrated and full of node..The packaging was great... Thank you @ugaoo for this delightful Monstera.. I'll be happy to buy it again

    Aishwarya Roy

    Ugaoo is a brand that's synonymous with trust.. you know your plants will have a long life once you buy from them, not only because their plants and seeds quality is good, but they handhold you through every small part of the lifecycle.. they are my plant buddies for life... Whether i buy online, from The Jungle, whether i buy jade or mooli seeds... Whether i chat on insta or attend their online classes, or request for a return... each and every member of the ugaoo family speaks the same language... That of love- for the customer and for plants.. i am so glad ugaoo is in my life


    It was always wonderful experience with ugaoo plants what they show is what customer receives always

    And that is too big thing to manage packaging and quality

    Love for ugaoo foundation will remain infinite

    Samarth Goyal

    “During covid, all deliveries became,plants,groceries..wait..plants? Who would have thought?..well..Ugaoo did and is best at it. They make sure that we get the greenest and lushest plants so that we can love & care for them as they do. Their delivery containers are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing too. I personally am in love with their service and would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to make the first step in making their home a jungle  ”

    Anirudh Nambiar