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Iris Apollo Bulbs

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    Iris Apollo Bulbs

    About the Bulbs

    These Iris Apollo Bulbs will bloom to give you the brightest, most vibrant white and yellow flowers. With stalks of a darker green giving it the perfect backdrop, the Iris Apollo flowers practically bring sunshine to your garden with their bright yellow blooms.

    ➢Origins and Significance of Iris Apollo Flowers:

    The Iris Apollo, a dazzling member of the Iris family, is renowned for its vibrant white and yellow blooms. Originating from the Netherlands, specifically as a variety of the Yellow Dutch Iris, the Iris Apollo has earned its place as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and renewal. Its distinctively rich yellow hue adds a burst of sunshine to any garden, making it a popular choice among flower enthusiasts.

    ➢Iris Apollo Benefits:

    ➡Aesthetic Appeal:

    The Iris Apollo flowers have a captivating presence in gardens because of their yellow and white blooms that stand against the backdrop of a perfect green hue. Moreover, they are also relatively easy to grow.

    ➡Low Maintenance:

    Iris Apollo is relatively low maintenance, requiring minimal care once established. The hardiness of these bulbs and their adaptability to various soil types make them an excellent choice for gardeners seeking both beauty and ease of cultivation.

    ➡Centre of Attraction for Pollinators:

    The vibrant yellow blooms of Iris Apollo act as a magnet for pollinators, including bees and butterflies. Attracting these pollinators contributes to the overall health and biodiversity of the garden ecosystem.


    Iris Apollo bulbs can be planted anywhere and they will grow to complement a variety of garden designs and themes. Whether planted in formal flower beds, cottage gardens, or other naturalized areas, the versatility of Iris Apollo makes it a valuable addition to diverse landscaping styles.

    ➡The Iris Apollo Bloom for Longer:

    The blooming period of Iris Apollo extends over several weeks, providing an extended display of vibrant white-yellow flowers.

    ➢Planting Your Iris Apollo Bulbs:

    ➡Soil Preparation:

    If your bulbs are bigger, place them in holes 6-8 inches deep with the pointed side facing upwards. For smaller bulbs, a depth of 4-6 will work well. You can ensure good air circulation by spacing bulbs appropriately during planting.


    Apply a well-balanced fertilizer in early spring to support optimal growth and make sure to follow recommended dosage to avoid over-fertilization.

    ➡Dormant Period:

    Protect bulbs from excessive moisture during the dormant period, and mulch around bulbs to regulate moisture and maintain consistent temperatures.

    ➢Care Tips for Iris Apollo Plants:


    Maintain a consistent watering schedule during the growing season. Be cautious not to overwater, as Iris Apollo bulbs are susceptible to rot in waterlogged conditions.

    ➡Soil Maintenance:

    Ensure the soil remains well-draining by amending the soil with organic matter, as it helps maintain fertility and enhances drainage. Monitor the soil pH, aiming for a slightly acidic to neutral range.


    Apply a balanced fertilizer in early spring as new growth emerges. But avoid over-fertilization, as excessive nutrients can lead to weak stems and foliage.


    Remove spent flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooming and prevent seed formation. Trim the flower stalks at the base once all blooms on the stem have faded.

    ➡Pest and Disease Control:

    Inspect plants regularly for signs of pests, such as aphids or iris borers. Treat any infestations promptly with appropriate organic or chemical controls.

    From Happy Plant Parents

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    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial
    Customer Testimonial

    After receiving this plant (𝑴𝒐𝒏𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒂 𝑫𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒄𝒊𝒐𝒔𝒂),the plant was mature,tall as promised with a healthy was well hydrated and full of node..The packaging was great... Thank you @ugaoo for this delightful Monstera.. I'll be happy to buy it again

    Aishwarya Roy

    Ugaoo is a brand that's synonymous with trust.. you know your plants will have a long life once you buy from them, not only because their plants and seeds quality is good, but they handhold you through every small part of the lifecycle.. they are my plant buddies for life... Whether i buy online, from The Jungle, whether i buy jade or mooli seeds... Whether i chat on insta or attend their online classes, or request for a return... each and every member of the ugaoo family speaks the same language... That of love- for the customer and for plants.. i am so glad ugaoo is in my life


    It was always wonderful experience with ugaoo plants what they show is what customer receives always

    And that is too big thing to manage packaging and quality

    Love for ugaoo foundation will remain infinite

    Samarth Goyal

    “During covid, all deliveries became,plants,groceries..wait..plants? Who would have thought?..well..Ugaoo did and is best at it. They make sure that we get the greenest and lushest plants so that we can love & care for them as they do. Their delivery containers are not only functional but aesthetically pleasing too. I personally am in love with their service and would totally recommend it to anyone who wants to make the first step in making their home a jungle  ”

    Anirudh Nambiar