Why should you add manure to plants right now?

Why should you add manure to plants right now?

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Are you happy with your gardening experience?  Is your tomato plant not bearing enough fruits? Are the flowers of your plant falling off? Are your Rose and Hibiscus plants not blooming at all? Is your Tulsi plant struggling to grow? Are you not sure which fertilizers you should add to your home garden plants, indoor plants, fruiting trees?
All plants need plenty of sunlight, water & good quality soil or soil-like medium to grow. Plants fulfil most of their food requirement by the process of photosynthesis. Plant roots absorb water along with dissolved nutrients, minerals & more importantly - Nitrogen. A healthy, fertile soil is well equipped and capable of providing all these raw materials to the plants.
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For garden plants, flowering shrubs, ornamental indoor and outdoor plants, lawn, vegetable plants and kitchen herbs, we need to provide fertilizers to the soil. And make sure that soil doesn’t lack any essential nutrients, particularly during the growth period, flowering stage or fruiting stage of plants. The addition of right fertilizers in proper proportion improves the quality of soil for growing your favorite plants.

Why add organic manure?

Organic manure provides nutrients to plants, slowly and steadily. It keeps the soil porous, improves its water retention capacity, and checks the micronutrient deficiencies which may be caused by excessive application of chemical fertilizers. The chemical free manure effects a long-range improvement in the soil. There is no danger of overfeeding with organic manure as the plant takes the quantity it requires. Organic manure can be used for all kinds of plants.
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Which manure should I add to my Roses, Hibiscus, Bougainvilleas, Jasmines and other flowering shrubs?

Cow manure should be provided to flowering shrub at the time of planting or potting. Cow dung manure is the most widely used organic fertilizer in India. Good quality cow manure is well decomposed, dark, damp, uniform, fine textured powder. Along with flowering shrubs, it is ideal manure for making lawn and flower beds.
Cow manure has a perfect balance of all essential nutrients plus it’s high in humus content. There are millions of beneficial microorganisms in cow manure which enrich microflora of the soil. Nutrients in soil are easily made available to plants because of theses bacteria from cow’s dung.
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How to manure Tulsi plant?

Mix 1 part cow manure in 2 part garden soil to prepare your own potting soil for Tulsi, Aloe vera, lemongrass and other home grown plants. Apply a handful of basic Organic manure to your Tulsi plant once a month. You can provide ready to use Garden soil mix for regular hardy potted plants. The potting soil of Tulsi should always be kept aerated by regular mixing and superficial digging. You would like to read about why do we worship tulsi plant.
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Manure for indoor plants and succulents:

Mix vermicompost with coco-peat to prepare the soil-less potting mixture for ornamental indoor plants, terrariums. Vermicompost is also given to Cacti and succulents, every 15-20 days.
Vermicompost is considered as one of the most superior organic fertilizers, both nutrient & texture wise. This compost, derived with the help of earthworms is high in nitrogen along with all the major macro and micro nutrients. Vermicompost consistently releases the nutrients that are absorbed by roots of plants. Apart from being great fertilizer, vermicompost is excellent soil conditioner as well as a growth medium.
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Organic fertilizers for kitchen gardening:

Mix 1 part vermicompost in 2 part soil to prepare the potting mixture for vegetable crops like Tomato, Chili, Spinach, Radish, etc. A soilless mixture of cocopeat and vermicompost can be used to grow micro-green leafy vegetable like Amaranth, fenugreek, wheatgrass, beetroot leaves, etc.  Also, apply a handful of organic manure, and cow manure to all container grew vegetable plants every 15-20 days. Such addition of an extra dose of organic manure to vegetable plants is called top dressing. Top Dressing helps in the formation of robust and healthy vegetable plants in pots.
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Fertilizers for fruiting trees:

Basic organic manure is added in the pits along with soil at the time of implantation of grafts/ saplings. Ideally, pits of 3x3x3 ft size are filled with 2 part loam soil, and 1 part mixed organic manure. Plenty of cow manure should be provided to fruiting trees every three months by the ring method. Fruiting trees should be irrigated immediately after addition of manures.

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What is an ideal garden soil?

The ideal Garden soil mix is a perfect traditional combination of nutrient-rich red soil and high-quality cow manure. Red soil is porous; it has good drainage, good water holding capacity and a good amount of humus content in the form of cow manure. Cow manure adds to the balanced nutrient content of the already rich soil. It is an also an excellent potting medium for regular houseplants.
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What is a potting mixture?

Merely adding ordinary soil and basic fertilizers in a pot is not a good idea. You have to figure out the right growing medium and make an ideal potting mixture according to the type of plant you are growing. Good news is, if you do not want to invest extra efforts, time and labour in preparing the potting mixture for your plants, you can buy them in the ready-to-use form online.
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Is there a universal potting mixture for all plants?

Pot-o-mix is an ultimate soil-less potting mix for all container grown plants. It is a perfect combination of 11 specially chosen materials:

  1. Coco-peat, peat moss, coco husk are fibrous, soil-less substrates with significant moisture holding capacity.
  2. Neem powder protects the plant from insects and pests.
  3. Charcoal chips purify the entire potting medium by absorbing harmful substances.
  4. Leaf mould is good humus rich fertilizer for pot bound plants.
  5. Red brick powder keeps the pot well drained,
  6. Bio Compost is nutrient rich organic fertilizer.
  7. Perlite maintains aeration by reducing compaction,
  8. Phosphate solubilising bacteria (PSB) are rich biofertilizers as a source of phosphorus.
  9. Trichoderma is a friendly fungus that protects the plants from fungal infection.
  10. Humic acid is an organic soil supplement.
  11. Biozyme is a bacterial culture, which is an excellent plant growth stimulant.

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Is there a specialized growing medium for vegetables and herbs?

The organic veggie mix is a soilless potting mixture made up of peat moss, coco peat, organic manure, and Neem powder. Peat moss and coco peat provide fibre and it has great water holding capacity, besides coco peat is texture wise a great lightweight replacement to soil. Bio-compost and organic manure are both rich in humus and nutrient content. Neem powder protects the seedlings and plants from insect and pest attack.
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You must provide the right growing conditions to take good care of your plants, but remember, ‘The best fertilizer is gardener’s shadow’.
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