How to Take Care of Spider Plants

How to Take Care of Spider Plants

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Spider plants, scientifically known as Chlorophytum comosum, are one of the most common and well-known houseplants in the world.
Because they are very easy to grow and maintain and even develop tiny white flower blossoms on their arching stems as they mature. Their olivine clusters of thin, spindly leaves are unique and beloved by many home gardeners. It is called spider plant because small plantlets with roots, developing from flowering panicle, remain hanging and look like spiders.
outdoor spider plants
So, if you’ve decided to bring this plant into your home or your garden, then we have the best advice on how to take care of it to ensure that it thrives under your care. Read on to understand how to take care of spider plants. Buy chlorophytum spider plant online.

Caring for Spider Plant:

1. Potting the spider plant right:

For your plant to flourish, you need to use good-quality houseplant potting soil. This has all the nutrients the spider plant will need and will serve it much better than ordinary garden soil.
This is an ideal plant for hanging baskets and pots. When grown in hanging baskets use lots of moss and coco peat in potting mixture.
hanging spider plant

2. Find the right light conditions:

Inside the house, place your spider plant in either the east, west or north windowsills during a majority of the year. This ensures that it will get enough sunlight but not too much.
During Winter, move it to a windowsill that is facing south. These little details will make all the difference for the favourite houseplant. Spider plants also grow well in bright or fluorescent lighting, so you can use that if the lighting conditions aren’t favourable in your home. Finally, if you plan to pot it outside then just remember to give it enough shade. Read about effect of light on plant growth.

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3. How to water the spider plant:

Spider plants are drought tolerant. Moderate watering twice a week is enough. To understand when to water the plant, check if the pot surface is dry to the touch. If yes, then it’s time to water. Also, remember to check on whether the water is being drained properly and not being retained for too long in the pot.
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green spider plant

4. Fertilizing tips for spider plants:

As we’ve mentioned, this plant doesn’t need too much care and attention. So, you can fertilize it once in a month during the Spring and Summer months. This will provide the plant with enough nutrients to grow well. If possible, use homemade or natural fertilizer for the best results.

Airplane plant in pot

5. The right temperature for your spider plant:

Spider plants grow well between 40º and 85ºF. Find out the approximate temperature of your home or your home garden and pick a spot that matches this range. Check for overnight variations in temperature as well, just to be sure that this is the perfect place for your spider plant.
effect of light on spider plant 

6. Spider Plant Grooming tips:

Propagate the healthy growth of your spider plants by trimming the dead leaf tips or even whole leaves with a pair of garden shears or scissors. Keep an eye out for browning or yellowing leaves.
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