Caring for Potted Plants in Summer Months: Essentials to Beat the Heat

Caring for Potted Plants in Summer Months: Essentials to Beat the Heat

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High temperature, scorching heat and the sun glaring right at the top of our heads, drains the energy. It is not we humans who have to alone face the tragic heat; the plants too suffer its side effects like dehydration. If proper care is not taken, the plants will wither away. Summer is the season for growth and regeneration of plants and hence the following precautionary measures should be taken for plants to grow and foster in these drastic conditions.


• Tips on How to Take Care of Plants: Summer Essentials for Potted Plants


1. Watering 

During summer water the plants in the morning or late in the afternoon. This will avoid water to get evaporated. Since the potted plants cannot go deep into the soil in search of water, water your potted plants more than usual to make up for the absence of humidity. See to it that the soil is moist most of the time. This will keep them healthy throughout summer.


2. Soil for Plants in Pots: Basic Care

To retain the moisture of the plant soil mulch it with wooden pieces, twigs, leaves, etc. This will help create natural fertilizer for the plants. If the potting mix in the pot is sandy, mix it with the right amount of clay. Clay will also help retain the moisture.


3. Huddles for Humidity 

Keep your precious potted plants in small clusters or huddles. If you're looking to preserve humidity and create a better, more moist environment for your plants, you can consider placing them close to each other, allowing them more proximity and shared humidity. You can also place a humidifier close-by to ensure greater humidity. 


4. Potted Plants Tips for Pruning in Summer

Basic garden maintenance calls for pruning. So, you must prune your plants and get rid of unnecessary foliage to avoid loss of water through additional transpiration. It is often said that you must avoid pruning in summer months. Is there truth to that? Well, if you must prune your plant, you can. But remember to always save the major pruning work for the winter months. You must allow your plant to conserve energy during the summer months. 

Limit yourself to only trimming a few branches here and there during summertime!


5. Balanced Plant Fertilizers for Summer

if you're fertilizing your plant in summer months, do so only during early morning preferably. Additionally, something to remember is that if your plant is struggling, fertilization is not what it needs! Only fertilize your indoor potted plants once a month and do not overwater them. If needed, you can use liquid fertilizers diluted in water to ensure a good supply in water and fertilizer. 


Plants potted indoors will need a good amount of care to sustain throughout the harsh summer months, as will outdoor plants. So, it is crucial to remember that since the heat dries out soil quicker, you must check if your plants need water more often. There's a good chance they will. With the right kind of plant care for summers, you will be able to create a thriving garden and enjoy a lush indoor garden during the soon-to-come monsoon months!


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