Keep These Plants To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Garden

Keep These Plants To Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Garden

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Seeing a snake in garden is no less than a horror story. Therefore, we have the best plants that keep snakes away. Make sure to read the article until the end.

Snake-repellent Plants in India 

1.      Marigold

The marigold plant is often used to keep pests and snakes away. These snake-repellent plants have strong smells and bitter tastes that cause discomfort to snakes when they slither across them. The flowers of the marigold plant are beautiful. This makes the plant an ideal choice to act as a snake repellent. Make sure to use good fertilizer for healthy growth.

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2. Kaffir-Lime

The next snake-repellent plant is Kaffir-Lime. It is commonly known as makrut lime and is used in Asian dishes. The snake-repellent plant has a strong scent that keeps snakes, as well as some insects and vermin, miles away. Grow this plant in moist soil. Also, ensure to water the plant well. You can grow the plant indoors as well in a sunny spot.


3.West Indian Lemongrass

These are some plants that keep snakes away. The plant is a perennial one that is easy to grow and maintain. It has a citrus scent, which snakes dislike. This plant's by-product, citronella, is also good at keeping ticks and mosquitoes away from gardens. Thus, this snake-repellent plant is ideal for gardens. It is a plant that grows well in moist soil.


4. Onion & Garlic

Snakes in gardens can be terrifying. Snakes have extremely keen noses.  Like other varmints, snakes dislike the smell of onions or garlic. A smart way to keep them away is to plant garlic and onion plants. Snakes cannot stand the sulphonic corrosive that the onion plant produces. On the other hand, when snakes slither on the plant, garlic releases a greasy oil that irritates them. Make sure to plant these in fertile soil with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0.


5. Indian Snakeroot

This plant is commonly known as Sarpagandha in India. It is found in countries like Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan. It acts as a snake repellant because snakes do not like the fragrance that this plant produces. Apart from being a potent snake repellant, the snake plant is also used as a tonic for general ailments and for snake and reptile bites, fever, constipation, liver disorders, rheumatism and epilepsy. 


6. Clove Basil

A strong smell that snakes dislike is that of cloves. This plant has a peculiar clove smell that drives snakes away. This is one of the best snake-repellent plants in India. Calcium, zinc, iron and vitamins A and C are all abundant in clove basil. It is known to have potent antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant qualities in addition to being an adaptogen—a natural compound that can help the body reduce stress. The plant is widely grown to extract essential oils.


7. Flowering Onion

As we know snakes dislike the smell of onions. Flowering onion is another variety of snake-repellent plants. Though the bulbs of the plant keep snakes away, the flower attracts pollinators. Keep this plant in your garden to stay safe from snake attacks. Find the best collection of plants on the Ugaoo official website.


8. King of Bitters

This is one of the plants that keep snakes away. It is an effective snake-repellent plant due to its bitter roots and foliage. The herb is popular in countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India. The plant has attractive white flowers. This is the perfect addition to your beautiful garden. Furthermore, the plant boosts the immune system and aids digestion.


9. Jimsonweed

You know this plant better as devil’s snare or thorn apple. These are some plants to avoid snakes. It produces a bad smell and bitter taste that prevents snakes. The plant contains tropane alkaloids that snakes dislike. The best part of this growing this plant is that it is easy to maintain this plant. Just plant it in a place that gets full sun. Get home this plant from any trustworthy store like Ugaoo.


10. Chives

This is another plant that is closely related to onions and garlic. Seeing a snake in garden can be dangerous and terrifying. Chives is a popular perennial plant that keeps snakes away. The plant emits a strong onion scent that snakes dislike. It also attracts bees and other insects.

Growing this plant is easy, as it can survive in low sunlight. You need to trim them regularly. They do well in cold winters too. They can grow well in pots and containers as well.

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Photo by: Ceyda Çiftci on Unsplash


Instead of using chemical repellants, try these plants to keep snakes away. Also, ensure to tidy the garden areas to prevent snakes from getting in. Do not keep heaps of wood or rocks that act as a good hiding spot for snakes.


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