Is your garden Monsoon ready?

Is your garden Monsoon ready?

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Monsoon is on our doorsteps. Soon the great showers will come pouring down & within no time, the entire complexion of our surroundings will magically transform into an epic green stage. Our new gardening season also begins in the month of June, at the onset of monsoon. No matter how small or big your garden is, here are some key steps to make the best of this nature’s glory, & make your garden ‘monsoon ready’.
monsoon garden

Below are the tips to prepare your garden for the rainy season:

1. Rain Garden Design - Draw your Garden Plan:

Whether you are growing vegetables or ornamental plants; imagine how you would want your garden to look like. Visualise all garden features & draw a rough garden plan on paper for a better perspective. Locate your plants appropriately according to available space & sunlight. Mostly your lawn, flowering plants & fruiting vegetables should be growing in the sunniest part of a garden.
monsoon garden plan

2. Rain Cover for Garden:

Extensive rains can hamper and spoil your garden entirely. To prevent your plants from being affected by the heavy rain, you can purchase or make a rain cover for your gorgeous garden particularly for houseplants. Keep the indoor plants and succulents away from direct rainfall. Provide strong wooden stake support to young tree saplings planted outdoors.
plant protection from rain

3. Drainage for Garden:

Drainage is of vital importance in every garden. It is a way of ensuring that the soil is properly aerated. Excess water can choke your crops. With proper drainage, the soil and nutrient can be reduced, and soil erosion can be avoided. Use proper drainage cells for terrace gardening. If planned intelligently the wastewater can be collected and saved for future use. It influences both plant growth and soil conditions.
drainage for garden

4. Keep the pits ready:

If you plan to plant new fruiting tree saplings like Mango, Guava, Chikoo, Coconut, etc., this is the right season. Dig the pits for your tree saplings before the rains arrive. Fill up the pits with good quality soil & manure mixture. 1 x 1 x 1 m is average pit size for all types of fruiting and ornamental trees with little variations. Make sure you select right ‘varieties’ of fruiting trees from trustworthy nursery source. Make small size pits for flowering shrubs like Hibiscus, Roses, Ixora, Mussaenda, etc.
monsoon gardening

5. Collect it & store it now:

Following material should be collected and safely stored at your home garden for the successful gardening season ahead:

5.1 New Pots:

The three primary factors to be considered before purchasing a container are Drainage, Porosity and Weight. Secondly keep in mind Aesthetics i.e. Colour, shape, size and ornamental value of the pot you are about to select. Also, consider cost & time, is the container material safe for your edible plants, how much maintenance would these pots need and their durability. While selecting a new pot especially for the monsoon season do keep a tab on Insulation properties and ease of portability as you might need to shift your pots indoors occasionally. There are so many options available for pot selection.
pots, monsoon gardening

5.2 Rain garden plants:

For rain garden always select plants with deep and fibrous roots as they absorb rainwater efficiently. It is advisable to have natives or native cultivars in a rain garden because these plants adapt best to a locality. However, you can also choose non-invasive, ornamental horticultural plants. In your garden design do allocate space for herbaceous perennials, woody trees and shrubs.
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5.3 Gardening tools

Collect the right tools that will be required for the new gardening season for digging, pruning, trimming, raking, weeding, etc.
Garden tools, monsoon gardening

5.4 Seeds:

All vegetables & seasonal flowering plants are grown by seeds only. The quality of your garden is directly dependent on the quality of seeds you sow. Select the best quality seeds for rocking gardening season.
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seeds for monsoon garden

5.5 Garden soil:

Select the best kind of garden soil. The ideal garden soil is the one with good water holding capacity, humus content, and well-drained soil. You can also select the perfect ready made potting mixtures. You can also select the perfect ready made potting mixtures.

5.6 Organic manure:

Garden Soil & pot mixture is incomplete without added organic fertilizer. Whether it's compost, cow-dung- manure, leaf mould or Vermicompost. Select the organic manures of your requirement.
manure, monsoon plants
Happy gardening!!!