Garden Tools for Raised Beds

Garden Tools for Raised Beds

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Raised garden beds are also known as garden boxes and are optimum for growing small plots of veggies and flowers.

Following are the reasons why raised beds are an excellent way to garden:

  • Raised beds facilitate proper aeration
  • Raised beds provide good drainage even in heavy rains
  • Allow ideal root development
  • Risk of soil compaction is eliminated
  • Weeds can be kept under check
  • It is easier than trying to amend existing soil
  • Build on existing turf
  • Higher yield from intensive gardening
  • Garden is Portable
  • Better pest control
garden boxes

Following are the tools you will need for crafting Raised Beds:

1. Knives:

Knives come in a variety of shapes, but they don’t get much of the popularity like fork or spade. These tools are commonly used in the garden for cutting twine, harvesting, opening bags and much more.
While wiring the plants or cutting the ropes, you may need a good knife that eases your effort and makes your gardening task comfortable.
Garden knives come with a multi-purpose blade attached with ergonomic handle. Such knives are used to dig holes for seeds, tilling the hard soil with gentle pressure and much more.
When you buy garden knives, check for the size as per the requirement.
gardening knives

2. Grafting tools:

Grafting tools come in different shapes, single or multiple blades and other features that make the gardening task easier. It is a simple product which is highly useful for gardeners and can graft all kinds of plants.
Grafting knives come in a variety of ranges, particularly suitable to graft fruit trees.
Grafting tools provide precise grafting experience, easy to use, trimming blades and long lasting strength. With the help of quality grafts, even a novice can do grafting on any plants. Read about Grafting.
Gardening tools also include trimming blades that are used while preparing grafting stock and scion.
grafting tool

3. Pruning saws:

Pruning saw is a medium length blade that comes with both curved and straight blade. It is a double sided pruning saw equipped with a secure handle. It is loaded with a very sharp blade that helps gardeners to cut through large branches. They are used mainly for trees and sturdy bushes.
Choose a pruning saw from blade pruning saw, curved blade pruning saw, handheld pruning saws and pole pruner from our online store.
While using such pruning saws, make sure to wear sturdy gloves and follow precautionary measures.
pruning saw

4. Bill hooks:

Bill hooks come in a variety of shapes and are used to cut branches. Sturdy branches and even the main branch of trees can be cut with the help of billhooks.
It is a thick and durable metal blade affixed to the sturdy wooden handle and is known since medieval times.
This traditionally cutting tool is widely used since gardeners had no modern gardening tools other than this. Pruning tools, grafting tools and other instruments were introduced at a very later stage.
Through this, you can cut smaller woody materials, branches and shrubs to form raised beds. Buy bill hook online.
Bill hook to cut tree branches
Have you built a raised bed? Facing any challenges? Write to us, and our experts will assist you to grow better.
Happy Gardening!