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8 Plants That Look Like Animals: Nature's Stunning Resemblances

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Nature has funny ways of making us realize that its beauty is and will forever remain unparalleled. In the most unforgettable, nature has its ways of toying with itself and its existing creations. 

Some times, some things are so wonderful that having just one of them isn't enough - or so nature thinks! From dolphins to bees, here are 8 plants and flowers that look like animals.


• 8 Plants and Flowers That Look Like Animals


1. Parrot Flowers (Impatiens psittacina)

Parrot Flowers

Also known as Parrot Balsam, the Impatiens psittacina is a species of balsam native to small parts of northern Thailand, Burma, and the state of Manipur in India. 

This flower was also named as the "Cockatoo Balsam" by British botanist Joseph Dalton Hooker, because of its resemblance to a "flying cockatoo". 

Although this flower has the appearance of an orchid, it is a balsam species and this species surprisingly grows very much like a weed, with its uncanny resemblance to a parrot caught mid-flight. 


2. Bee Orchids (Ophrys apifera)

Bee Orchid Flowers

This species of orchids is a rather hardy one and grows up to 15-50 cm in height. It develops the most stunning flowers during autumn months and these continue growing till winter season. 

When in full bloom, the Bee Orchid's flowers look like beautiful bees with colorful stripes and a lovely coloration. Each flower is an absolute joy to look at and this species of orchids is the likeliest to establish itself as a widespread, easily growing flower in countless European cities.

These flowers are widespread in Europe and North Africa, as the growing conditions for them there are quite fitting. 


3. Bunny Succulents (Monilaria moniliformis)

Rabbit Succulent

A South African native, the Monilaria moniliformis is a lovely, very slow-growing succulent that - when growing - produces the cutest growth that resembles bunny ears. 

These growths usually get longer and outgrow the bunny ears-look, but the succulents are extremely slow-growing and this stage lasts for quite a while.


4. Monkey Orchids (Dracula simia)

Monkey Orchids

Monkey Face Orchids (Dracula simia) are rare and fascinating orchids known for their unique resemblance to monkey faces. The inside of this flower looks like monkey faces which earns it the name of "Monkey Orchids." 

Found in the cloud forests of Ecuador and Peru, these small flowers have a very memorable appearance with a combination of brown and white colors, resembling the face of a monkey, captivating orchid enthusiasts worldwide.


5. White Egret Orchids (Habenaria radiata)

White Egret Orchids

Ranking as one of Japan's most popular orchid species, these flowers - loyal to their name - resemble white egrets (herons) in flight. 

With the most stunning, feathery petals and enchanting white colors, these White Egret Orchids create a majestic look and house an alluring aura around them. 

Also known as the Fringed Orchid or Sagiso, these striking flowers native to East Asia and are found in wetlands and grassy areas, while blooming in summer months. 


6. Hummingbird or Green Bird Flowers (Crotalaria Cunninghamii)

Hummingbird Flower

These flowers have a striking resemblance to hummingbirds with their feather-like petals that resemble the wings of a hummingbird in flight.  

The Crotalaria Cunninghamii is a species of the legume family named Fabaceae. The etymology of the plant is quite interesting because the term Crotalaria is taken from the Greek work for rattle. This is because the seeds of the plant rattle when moved. The term "Cunninghamii" is taken from the name of the early 19th century botanist Allan Cunningham. 


7. Dolphin Succulents (Senecio peregrinus)

Dolphin Succulent

String of Dolphins (Senecio peregrinus) is a charming succulent hybrid, a cross between String of Pearls and Candle Plant. With trailing stems adorned by small, dolphin-shaped leaves, it's a unique and sought-after plant, and grows to around 3 feet long. 

This delightful animal-looking plant adds a playful touch to indoor gardens and hanging baskets, making it a favorite among plant enthusiasts for its whimsical appearance and relatively easy care.


8. Fly Orchids (Ophrys insectifera)

Fly Orchids

Fly Orchids, scientifically known as Ophrys insectifera, are unique species of orchids found in Europe and parts of Asia. Renowned for their unique and deceptive pollination strategy, they mimic the appearance and scent of female insects, primarily bees and wasps, to attract male pollinators.

The flower's lip resembles the body of the insect, complete with markings that imitate wings. This clever mimicry entices the males, which attempt to copulate with the flower, unintentionally facilitating pollination. Fly Orchids typically bloom in spring. 


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