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All About Dragon Tail Plant (Epipremnum Pinnatum)

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The Epipremnum Pinnatum or Dragon Tail Plant often shortened to Dragon Plant is an attractive house plant. It is kept indoors to enhance the interiors of your home. The thick foliage or leaves come with characteristic features that have made it highly popular across India and the rest of the world. The dragon plant flower is rarely seen in the plant but it is not impossible to find the plant flowering either. You will be able to find it labelled under its botanical term Epipremnum Pinnatum with several other plants being grouped by the Epipremnum genus as well.

Alternative names

Pothos, Centipede Tongavine, Tonga plant, Devil's Ivy

Growing Tips

You will find the dragon tail plant grows spontaneously on forest floors amidst other vegetation. It is a native of French Polynesia but grows abundantly in the forests of South America, Australia and India as well. The plant needs warmth and humidity to thrive. You do not have to go out of your way to ensure the right environment in your garden. Simply use a planter or pot to plant it. It is going to grow steadily in no time at all. Some of the other things that you want to remember when growing this beautiful dragon leaves plant are:-

Positioning & Light

Place the potted dragon plant the plant grows much faster Epipremnum Pinnatum pot to a shaded area and you will find the markings appear anew. Alternatively, a stretched plant with a longer stem is a sure-shot sign that it requires more light.



Follow a regular watering schedule to ensure proper dragon tail plant care. The soil must remain moist but not soggy. There should not be a pooling of water near its base, either.  You may insert your finger in the soil to test the level of wetness. Overwatering the Epipremnum Pinnatum can result in the rotting of the roots and fungal growth. Refrain from watering too frequently during the winter. The plant is not active in this season and watering it too much is pointless.


The Epipremnum plant grows beautifully when the soil is well drained. You may want to improve the soil quality by adding organic matter to it. You may want to add perlite or vermiculite to the soil to keep the plant well-fed. This is essential during the summer months. Repotting the plant every two years will help to keep it manageable and healthy.


The Epipremnum Pinnatum dragon tail grows well when there is some amount of humidity in the air. It is best to keep it in a warm place. However, do not keep the pot in direct line with the air conditioner. Placing the dragon leaves plant together with other plants that thrive in the rainforest-like environment can be beneficial too. You may invest in a humidifier to improve the growing conditions if the leaves are turning brown at the edges.



The dragon tail plant gets its nutrients from the potting soil and water. Ample sunlight replenishes the oxygen supply as well. There is no need to over-fertilise during dragon tail plant care. The common trick to maintain the plant is to re-pot it once it doubles in size. The soil in the new pot will contain enough nutrients to ensure growth. However, you may use diluted fertiliser mix to feed the plant during the active growing period during summer. However, no fertilisation is needed in winter.

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You may consider these tips for dragon tail plant propagation done from the stem:-

  • Cut the dragon plant stem to a modest size but ensure that it includes at least 2-3 leaves.

  • Cut sharply about 1.5 inches below a node.

  • Remove the lowermost leaf.

  • Submerge the cutting in a jar of water and ensure that the node remains completely underwater.

  • Check it regularly and top up the water level to keep the node in the water.

  • The first roots will be visible within 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Remove the 12 cm long dragon tail Epipremnum roots from the water and plant them in a fresh pot containing the potting mix and soil.

Dragon tail plant propagation using stem cuttings is possible whenever you want it. However, the root formation is rapid during the warmer months. 

The dragon tail plant is an evergreen plant notable for its unique leaves. Sometimes, you can see the dragon plant flower but this usually takes place in the wild. You cannot expect the indoor plant to produce dragon tail plant flower during its lifetime.




The dragon tail plant is known by various names. Termed Epipremnum Pinnatum botanically, it is an ornamental plant that can be set up on a trellis to attain a beautiful design. The Epipremnum dragon tail grows in hot and humid tropical forests and requires no special care.

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