The Ultimate Guide: From Sowing to Growing Seeds

The Ultimate Guide: From Sowing to Growing Seeds

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Sometimes, it can be good to ‘wing it' and discover things as you are taking care of your garden. This is what you call experience, and you definitely benefit from being a little adventurous.

However, on the other hand, there are moments when guidance is required. Because these moments are too ‘high risk' to gamble on, and so you seek out someone who has been in that position before and can help you out. You can learn this way too, and it definitely won't be at the cost of your plants.

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Of course, the beginning is the most nerve-wracking and most important moment of all! It is here when the seeds of success are sown, or a harvest of failure decided. Guidance is a must so that your efforts can eventually bear fruit. This ultimate guide will show you the way from sowing to growing seeds!
Right, let's get started!

Before you got out to buy any seeds or planting material, you will need a checklist. Note down the names of the seeds you want to buy and the equipment you will need during the initial sowing process. Try not taking any shortcuts, particularly if you want the right beginning!

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When choosing what veggies, herbs, fruits and flowers you want to grow, keep the prevalent environmental conditions in mind including space available, sunlight, temperature, humidity, etc. Understand which flowers are annuals or perennials, shrubs take how much space and which vegetable will mature fast for a good harvest. Read the instructions on the back for sure!

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Carrying on from the last point the instructions will also help you in garden planning. How? Well, some plants need to be started indoors just at the end of winter while others need to be planted outside before winter sets in. So space out accordingly and mark each with the name if possible.

seed sowing guide
growing plants from seeds
Now, two things should be considered before you plant - The first is quite obviously the soil. It goes without saying that it needs to be well aerated, have neutral pH balance, have a fair amount of moisture and nutrients and also the right temperature. 

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The second thing is the seed itself. You can soak it in water beforehand to move along the germination process. Also, start maintaining a watering schedule pertaining to each seed, just for the beginning. The planting depth should usually be no more than the diameter of the seed. Some flowers seeds need to be dispersed above the soil to germinate, as they need direct sunlight.

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Now, you must keep the soil fertile with organic compost and keep it fairly moist but not waterlogged. As the seeds germinate into seedlings and begin to grow, always handle them with the leaves and never the stem. Make sure the soil isn't too wet or this will prevent the percolation of oxygen.

Finally, keep an eye out for pests and weeds and deal accordingly and swiftly, particularly in this early stage. Soon, germination will be done, and your seedlings will blossom into an awesome garden!

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Let your passion power through and treat your seeds like you would your child; your garden will be breathtaking!