Where to Find Moss? - The Moss Collection & Uses

Where to Find Moss? - The Moss Collection & Uses

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During monsoon foraging moss is very easy, affordable and fun. Though you can purchase it for your floral arrangements, terrariums, fairy gardens, and living centerpieces; it’s always better to get it yourself and store it.


• How is Purchased Moss Different From Foraged Moss?

Purchased moss is expensive, dry and can be difficult to work with. On the other hand, foraged Moss is affordable, chemical free and while searching for your own moss, you will be able to spend time with nature.

moss ground cover

• Where can I Find Moss?

To find moss look for shady, moist areas in the backyard. Moss can grow on fallen logs, rocks, grown and even on the living trees. Check the valleys with water features, which have moist, shady environments.

how to collect moss
Moss turns bright green with rain and the sunshine but it looks yellowish when dry and dormant. It is better to let the excess water from the ground to drain and then collect your moss sample. You can also connect with a local nursery to learn more about the places you can collect moss from.


• How You Can Collect Moss

Moss can be scooped with bare hands, or with a trowel, or a flat kitchen flipper tool, and gloves. Use a basket or other container to carry the collected Moss.

growing moss on rock
The ideal time to collect moss is when it is moist. Pick up a patch of moss that doesn’t have too much grass or other plants. If there is grass growing in the moss, pull it out before you collect the moss rather than doing it later. Do not forget to remove any surface debris such as leaves or sticks from the top of the moss.
While collecting moss, try and retain its original configuration. Do not grab and squish it. Be gentle with the accumulated moss. Brush off extra dirt or wash it carefully without disturbing its natural look.

where to find moss - forest moss

• How You Can Use Collected Moss in Crafts?

The collected Moss can be utilized in the following ways:
  • As a base for a centrepiece
  • To craft Kokedama Moss ball
  • To fabricate an enclosed terrarium
  • To beautify the fairy garden
  • To start a new moss colony
moss terrarium