How Well Do You Know Shoots?

How Well Do You Know Shoots?

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A shoot is the productive center of a plant. It helps to grow leaves, flowers, and the stem. Thus, the shoot is essentially responsible for food production (photosynthesis) in plants and also for their reproduction.

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Shoots are referred to as four seasons crop but some seasons are better than others for their growth.

Shoots grow best is spring and fall but using a suitable source of heat, like a heating pad, can facilitate their growth in winters too. Summers, are boiling and humid and thus prove to be a less-than-perfect climate for the shoots to grow.


• Tactics to Grow Shoots Indoors

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First-off continue watering the shoots tray even after the first harvest. This has to be done because sometimes some seeds do not penetrate as they are under other seeds. Exposure towards light after considerable time is also an important factor. Particularly for pea shoots, the first harvest would not be too fruitful, but the other two would be worth the efforts.

Then, if you feel that the air in the house has become moist, mist the plants when they are in the early stages. This would help the plants to retain moisture and germinate well.

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For pea seeds, use a shallow or a medium depth container for growing the shoots. Also, preliminary place some stones for better drainage, before adding the dirt in the vessel or the container. Plus plant shoots seed at a leisurely pace, so you may get a second crop from the original seed planting after the harvest of the first batch.

That’s all on the little shoots. So take a vessel, pop some mud, and start growing some shoots of your own!

Happy gardening!