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8 Best Crocus Plant Varieties to Grow

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If you're confused about what Crocus is, you're not alone! But really boils down to the fact that Crocus is the plant that consists of the Saffron Crocus variety - the very variety that gives us our beloved spice, saffron. 

These plants bloom with very stunning, delicate Crocus flowers that make for wonderful additions to any garden.

When growing this plant, you have to be slightly more mindful of the climate and temperature requirements. However, the Crocus plant is pretty hardy. So, if you provide it with the right care, it will fare quite well in your gardens. 


• Spring and Winter Crocus Flowers

Crocus Flowers in a Spring Garden

The species of Crocus that you choose to grow and your local climatic conditions determine which season your Crocus flowers will bloom in. These flowers bloom mainly during two seasons in India:


a. Late Winter Crocus Flowers (December to February):

This is the primary blooming season for many Crocus species in India. As winter temperatures prevail, Crocus plants produce their distinctive, colorful flowers. Gardens and landscapes can easily be adorned with the vibrant hues of Crocus blooms during this period.

b. Early Spring Blooms (March to April):

In some regions with milder winters, or for certain varieties of Crocus, the blooming season may extend into the early spring months. The flowers add a touch of beauty to outdoor spaces, signaling the arrival of spring.

Generally, Crocus plants are well-suited to cool and temperate climates, and they often require a period of chilling to stimulate flowering.



• Crocus Plant Varieties

Here are 8 Crocus varieties that you can grow in India as additions to your ornamental gardens and floral arrangements:


1. Crocus vernus 'Grand Maitre'

Crocus Vernus

These goblet-shaped flowers are perfect for attracting pollinators to your garden for a bustling ecosystem. Their deep purple hues create a stunning depth and can add a playful hint to your garden, while also enhancing the elegance of your space. 

Plant Care:

Plant bulbs in late summer or early autumn in well-draining soil. Ensure they receive sunlight and water sparingly during the growing season.


2. Crocus chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty'

Crocus chrysanthus

This Crocus variety has a very memorable fragrance and is often revered as the best Crocus variety to grow in your gardens. The 'Cream Beauty' features delicate, creamy-yellow flowers with orange stigmas. If you're looking to create a delicate and elegant display of flowers, this Crocus plant is your way to doing so!

Plant Care:

Plant bulbs in the fall, and provide adequate sunlight. These crocus flowers are relatively low-maintenance and naturalize well.


3. Crocus sieberi 'Firefly'

Crocus sieberi

This is often known to be one of the first ever flowering varieties of the Crocus plant. This variety is often colored from a pale purple to a deeper violet sometimes, with a beautiful backdrop of dark green leaves. 

Plant Care:

Plant these Crocus bulbs in the fall months in well-drained soil, and water sparingly. 'Firefly' is suitable for rock gardens and plant beds.


4. Crocus tommasinianus 'Whitewell Purple'

Crocus tommasinianus

The Whitewell Purple does well when it comes to living up to its name. With its slender, delicate purple-hued petals, the flowers houses a striking silver in its center, and it grows on sturdy stems that make it a very durable flower. In simple words, it's a hardy variety that naturalizes effectively.

Plant Care:

Plant bulbs in the fall, and ensure good drainage. This variety thrives in full sun to partial shade.


5. Crocus biflorus 'Blue Pearl'

crocus biflorus

This variety of Crocus is a spring bloomer and produces pearl-like light blue flowers with hints of a very soft lavender. The color of the flower is so mesmerizing that it almost looks like a blue pearl, doing much justice to its name.

Plant Care:

Plant bulbs in well-drained soil in the fall. Provide sunlight, and water moderately during the growing season.


6. Crocus flavus 'Golden Yellow'

crocus flavus

This graceful Crocus plant produces deep yellow blooms that look like stunning little ornamental buttercups. With grass-like leaves that add to its charm, this makes a beautiful addition to gardens that need something to add a touch of life. 

Plant Care:

These Crocus bulbs should be planted in fall months and need full sunlight to grow well. Water sparingly, allowing the soil to dry between watering.


7. Crocus sativus (Saffron Crocus)

Crocus sativus

As guessed by the name, these flowering plants produce saffron spice. With its lavender-lilac blooms and saffron producing, orange-red stigmas, this is a very popular flower, grown very often for its charming presence and valuable produce. 

Plant Care:

Plant saffron crocus flower bulbs in late summer. Provide well-drained soil and full sunlight. Remember to harvest the saffron threads carefully when flowers bloom.


8. Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant' 

Crocus tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant'

The Ruby Giant is a fast-spreading Crocus variety that blooms with star-shaped flowers in a wonderful reddish-purple color. The grass-like foliage and fast growth makes it easy to decorate with these flowers, and they can be used in various ways to add to the aesthetic value of any space. 

Plant Care:

Plant bulbs in the fall, ensuring they are well-drained. 'Ruby Giant' is a hardy variety suitable for naturalizing.


Planting Crocus bulbs is a fairly simple process but remember to provide them with adequate water, watering only when the soil feels dry to the touch. Sunlight during the day for 4-6 hours is also crucial for their development. Some varieties are rather hardy and are very easy to naturalize.

You can pick which variety you want to grow based on what kind of care you can provide, and watch your garden blossom into something brighter and sweeter!


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