Top 5 Plants Grown in Indian Home Gardens

Top 5 Plants Grown in Indian Home Gardens

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Home gardening in India is a fluid concept. One may have a proper front yard or a backyard garden. One may grow plants in pots placed on a terrace, rooftop, balcony or even windowsills, and it all qualifies for a home garden. One thing is common in all Indian home gardens is the choice of basic plants.

Following is the list of top 5 home garden plants that every Indian gardener has grown or tried to grow at least once:

5. Lemongrass:

Indians love their Chai-tea and adding lemongrass leaves to it makes the tea even better. That's the reason why Lemongrass is called Chai Patti in Hindi. It is the most popular aromatic medicinal plant in India and is used to cure a cough, cold and throat irritations.
Growing lemongrass in pots:
Lemongrass can be easily grown in 10 to 14 inch round pot. Once established, the plant will give the foliage in abundance for a very very long time. It can be grown in regular garden soil mix with plenty of cow manure.
Growing tip: Keep harvesting the leaves from the base and re-pot the plant every year before the monsoon. New lemongrass saplings can be obtained by splitting the base of an old plant.
Lemon grass growing in home garden

4. Aloe vera:

This plant has attained superstar status. Every herbal cosmetic product in India has either Aloe vera or Neem in it. The gel-like pulp of the succulent leaves is used primarily for skin application and juice of the pulp is consumed for various diseases.
Growing Aloe vera in pots:
Aloe vera plant can be grown in a comparatively small-sized pot. But it is always a good idea to grow the plant in a large container. Use well drained and rich soil to grow this plant; anyhow Aloe vera is not so sensitive about soil.
Growing tip: Your main plant will keep producing baby Aloe vera plants from the sides. Remove these plants from the pot along with roots and use them as separate plants.
Potted aloevera indian home garden

3. Hibiscus:

Among all the flowering shrubs, Hibiscus is the second most homegrown plant in India after Roses. There are many different ornamental varieties, but the original single flowered, dark red flowered Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is the most preferred variety of Indian gardeners. It is a hardy plant the produces flowers in abundance throughout the year.
Growing Hibiscus in Pots:
The plant is widely potted in Indian gardens. Use minimum 12 to 14-inch pot to grow HIbiscus plant. The regular garden soil mix is good enough as a growing medium. Classic earthen pots have shown better results.
Growing tip: Protect your Hibiscus plant from mealy bugs at any cost. Spray Neem based insecticides regularly. Prune the plant vigorously and change the soil if the infestation is heavy.
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Hibiscus flower growing indoors

2. Roses:

The most popular flower in the world is the most grown flowering plant in India as well. There any many varieties of wild roses, Hybrid Teas, Floribundas and miniatures that suitable for growing in Indian conditions. The common desi pink variety is grown in home gardens for its look, fragrance, and edible properties.
Growing Roses in pots:
Rose is not considered as a pot-friendly plant, and on any given day the plant will grow better directly on the ground. That being said, it is possible to grow Roses successfully in moderate-sized pots if proper drainage in potting soil is maintained.
Growing tip: Although roses are sun-loving plants, it is a good idea to provide the potted rose plants a little bit of outdoor shade in the afternoon time. 
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Orange rose plant

1. Tulsi:

In India, doesn't matter if you are a gardener or not, or your house has space for gardening or not, everyone has grown Tulsi plant at home at least once. Tulsi is considered the holiest plant of all and it is valued for its medicinal properties. In rural houses and bungalows, Tulsi is grown in a unique permanent planter called ‘Tulsi Vrindavan’ in the middle of a front yard.
Growing Tulsi in a pot:
Tulsi is grown in 8-10 inch pot with well-drained soil.
Growing tip: Keep pinching the growing tops of the plant to obtain a beautiful bushy Tulsi plant. Keep plucking the early flowering heads to keep the plant alive and green for a longer time. Click here to buy Tulsi seeds online in India.
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tulsi in a home garden
Apart from these, the following plants too deserve a special mention in the list of top plants grown in Indian home gardens:
Kari Patta (Curry leaves), Jasmines(Mogra, Chameli), Bougainvilleas, Brahma Kamal (Epiphyllum), Green chilli, Lemon.
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