Learn how to grow moss at home

Learn how to grow moss at home

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Moss makes a beautiful addition to a garden. It gives a rustic appearance, sense of age and beautifies the space. If you wish to glorify your garden rocks or surface with moss, all you need to give it is the right growing conditions.

Before we delve into the process of growing moss, let’s explore its benefits:

  • Moss does not require fertilizers; it needs the right amount of water and sunlight to thrive.
  • When compared to other plants, Moss requires very less water.
  • Moss helps in water filtration by removing heavy metals, oils, and dye.
  • Mats of moss protect the soil and prevent it from eroding.
growing moss on tree

Now that we know the benefits of growing moss, let’s understand its types:

Moss belongs to the Bryophyte family, and can be classified into three types -

1. Musci:

This type is commonly known as mosses. Some varieties of musci moss have upright stems, while others have matted stems. Sphagnum and Hypnaceae, are the most popular Musci moss types and can be used as soil amendments or for DIY projects.

2. Hepaticae:

Commonly known as liverworts, this moss type can be identified by the touch. They prefer shady and highly humid areas. In dry and low humid areas, Hepaticae plants need extra care.

3. Anthocerotae:

This is the third type of Bryophyte and also the rarest one. It is known as hornworts and can be easily distinguished by the pointed branches and spores. Anthocerotae too prefers damp, highly-humid environments, and a large amount of sunlight.
growing moss on rocks

Are you ready to grow moss at home?

Tools required to propagate and grow moss:

  • Pincers
  • Spray Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Trowel
  • Gloves

What Does Moss Need to Grow?

  • Moisture
  • Shade
  • Acidic soil with a pH value of 5.0 - 6.0
  • Partial to full shade is essential. Avoid afternoon sun as it will destroy your moss patch quickly.
  • Weed-free area.
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How to grow Moss on Soil?

  • To start moss, forage it then move it to the place you want to grow.
  • Rake and scratch the surface to bring moss and soil in good contact. Buy hand rakes online in India.
  • Wet the area, lay the moss on it and press it firmly into the soil. If need be, place some light rocks and anchor it in one place.
  • Keep the newly transplanted moss moist at least for a few weeks.
best way to grow moss

How to Get Moss to Grow on Rocks, Bricks or in Containers?

  • Growing moss on a rock is little challenging.
  • You can cultivate moss by mixing it with buttermilk and painting it on the new surface.
  • To make moss mix  2 cups buttermilk with 1 - 1 1/2 cups of Fresh or Dried chopped-up moss
  • Mix it until the blend is creamy and spreadable. In case the mixture is too thick, add water, and if it is too thin, add moss.
  • Allow the mixture to settle for a day or two and then paint it on a new surface. Mist the mixture slightly, and in the 6th week, you might see some signs of moss. Until then, be extremely patient!
growing moss indoors

How can I maintain Moss?

  • To keep your moss growing maintain shade, moisture, and a low soil pH value.
  • Keep the weeds and fallen leaves at bay.
  • Mist, soak, or water the moss with a shower nozzle watering can. Water it only when the moss appears faded and dry to the touch.
  • Do not fertilize moss.
  • When growing moss outdoors, mimic the environment in which moss grows naturally.
  • When growing moss indoors, choose a bright spot with proper ventilation. Do not place moss in a dark area. Remember sunlight is the key for moss to survive, as it photosynthesizes in the light. 
how to grow moss for wall decoration

How can I use Moss?

Moss can be used to create a large number of beautiful projects. Some of them are:

1. Moss Kokedamas:

“Kokedama” is a Japanese term that means growing a plant in an intertwined moss ball instead of soil. This moss ball makes a striking addition to a garden decor.
You can craft moss kokedama, using preferred moss type, peat soil, sand, akadama, soil, and charcoal. Mix the ingredients and make a ball, pack it around the roots of your plant, and then on the exterior attach the moss. Fasten the ball with a twine, thread or fishing line.

2. Moss Bonsai:

You can give an artistic stroke to your miniature Bonsai tree with a touch of moss carpet.

3. Moss Terrariums:

This is one of the most exciting ways of using moss. Choose your favorite terrarium and place moss along with stones, water, and beautiful miniature live plants. Just ensure that it gets enough light, and you will be ready to show off.

4. Moss Paint:

As discussed earlier, you could make moss paint at home and create eco-graffiti with it.
reindeer moss
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How do you plan to use homegrown moss? Or, have you created some exciting projects with this underrated plant? Let us know in the comments section below; we would love to meet your moss-art!