10 Best Indoor Plants for Dark Rooms in the House

10 Best Indoor Plants for Dark Rooms in the House

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Plants evoke positive energy and make our living spaces more livable. Some plants are of great value from the Vaastu point of view. According to Vaastu and Feng Shui, getting indoor plants like money plants, lucky bamboo plants, etc brings prosperity and happiness. They also increase the overall vibe and pleasantness of the surroundings.

If you are thinking about how plants can survive without sunlight then you are not wrong. The solution is finding plants that adapt to low-light conditions. Certain plants for dark rooms can survive in low light conditions and can do well with little sunlight or artificial light.


How do plants survive in low-light corners of the house?

  • Some plants absorb moisture through their waxy outer portion. This stored moisture helps them to survive several days with low or no water.

  • Some plants with broad leaves absorb light to prepare abundant food for a few days.

These features help them sustain indoor conditions and make them the best indoor plants for dark rooms. 

How to take care of plants in the dark?

Use these precautions when choosing plants for dark rooms:

  1. Plant indoor plants in well-drained soil. Water them weekly, fortnightly or even monthly as per their requirements.

  2. You can plant them near the windows or places that receive some amount of sunlight daily.

  3. Some types of foliage plants like peace lilies and pathos can grow even in artificial light.

How to choose plants for dark rooms?

These are indoor plants that thrive well in low-light conditions:

1. Aglaonema Pink Beauty Plant



Botanical name: Aglaonema Anyamanee

This indoor plant is perfect for the plant parent in you. These plants are easy to grow, require minimum watering, and thrive under low-light conditions. They are ideal plants for dark rooms and they can survive alone or in clusters.

2. Aglaonema Red Beauty Plant



Botanical Name: Aglaonema Anyamanee

Flaunt your dark indoor spaces with these beautiful-looking Aglaonema Red Plants. These plants have green leaves and red spots. They require watering twice a week and grow up to forty inches.


3. Aralia Variegated Mini Plant


Botanical Name: Polyscias Fruticosa

Aralia Variegated Mini Plant works as a humidifier and air purifier for households. These plants have a creamy layer on the border. Professional planters and beginners will find it easy to maintain and grow these plants for dark rooms.


4. Boston Compacta


Botanical Name: Nephrolepis Exaltala

Use these dark corners-friendly home plants for walls and hanging. The plant requires minimum watering or misting to stay green and healthy. It grows slowly and needs little sunshine.

5. Calathea Burle Marxii Plant


You will love and adore the beautiful foliage of this plantIts common name is the fishbone prayer plant.

It is one of the best plants for dark rooms and is native to Brazil. It is also known as a prayer plant as it can close its leaves at night. It grows in shades of tropical ground cover.

6. Chlorophytum Spider Plant



Botanical Name: Chlorophytum Comosum

This plant is recognized by NASA for purifying the air circulating internally in your house. These plants need low watering at regular intervals. They survive in low-light conditions and are suitable plants for dark rooms.

It is a popular indoor plant for variegated lance-shaped leaves in the center and spread to the sides for a beautiful appearance. Try these plants for hanging on walls, windows, etc.


7. Dracaena Golden Milky Plant



Botanical Name: Dracaena Surculosa Aurea

You can place this plant in any dark corners or low-light areas indoors for décor. The spots of this plant appear as stars in the Milky Way from which its name is derived. It is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal watering. It is usually used as a decorative plant in homes and offices.

8. Earth Star Plant



Botanical Name: Cryptanthus bivittatus

Earth Star is an easy-growing plant native to Brazil. You can grow it in a pot or planter and place it on shelves or table tops. These home plants belong to the bromeliad family. It has tapering flat and wavy leaves that are red and have green stripes.


9. Peacock Plant



Botanical Name: Calathea Makoyana

Peacock plant has been awarded the Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. It is a low-light plant that requires less water to grow. It is pet friendly and purifies indoor air. It is known as a peacock plant because its leaves resemble the feather of peacocks.


10. Rubber Plant



Botanical Name: Ficus Elastica

Rubber plants are used as decorative because of their glossy leaves and air-purifying properties. They require minimum maintenance and survive up to ten years.


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