These 10 plants provide positive energy

These 10 plants provide positive energy

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Having plants in your surroundings has a lot of benefits. Besides curbing pollution and keeping the environment oxygenated, plants also add a positive vibe to places and boost energy. So, if you also want to light up your day and feel motivated, here are 10 plants that provide positive energy. 


1. Snake Plant: 

    Also known as the bedroom plant, the Snake plant should be your first choice for feeling positive all day as it helps boost energy. Apart from absorbing the particulate matter, it also absorbs the volatile organic components from the surrounding. 

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    This plant is preferred by many people because of its low-maintenance nature and adding positive vibes to its surroundings. Even the Chinese practice of Feng Shui believes keeping a snake plant in your home brings fortune.   


    2. Lavender: 

      If you want to boost energy and positive power, look no further than a lavender plant. A lavender plant offers various therapeutic benefits other than its fragrance. 

      The soothing aroma of the lavender plant provides relaxation, helps with sleep, and decreases stress and anxiety. Lavender oil is helpful for insomnia, stress disorder, and boosting mood. 

      However, you must know that the lavender plant has trace amounts of linalool and linalyl acetate. These chemicals are believed to be toxic for cats and dogs. So, if you have a pet-friendly home, keep the lavender plant away from your pets. 

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      3. Peace Lily: 


        Also known as the White sail, the Peace Lily signifies peace and tranquillity as per the Feng Shui customs. Besides the Feng Shui significance, this plant also acts as a positive energy radiator by purifying the surrounding air. 


        The plant may also boost energy and protect you from headaches. So, having this plant in the home can have a great effect on your psyche. The Peace Lily thrives well in low light conditions, so you can easily put it in your bedroom or bathroom.

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        4. The Cactus Plant: 

          You may find it hard to believe, but the Cactus plant can help you boost energy levels. Don't get fooled by those thorns! The plant is a powerhouse of positive energy. Besides, the cactus plant may also absorb electromagnetic radiation from your phones. 

          Having a cactus plant on your office desk can increase your productivity manifold. As the plant thrives in low water and with enough sunlight, they are best for the work environment. They help reduce the office's ambient noise and let you focus better. 

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          5. A Bamboo plant: 


            The bamboo plant is a sign of positivity and purity. As per Feng Shui, the bamboo plant symbolizes fortune and prosperity. So, having a bamboo plant is the best energy boost if you have been feeling low lately. Various studies have confirmed that a bamboo plant can promote a feeling of serenity and calmness. 

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            6. Jade Plant: 

              The Jade Plant, or Crassula Ovata, signifies fortune and prosperity in both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, the Indian architectural practice. The plant bears white or pink flowers and requires very low maintenance. 

              The pink flowers are very soothing to the eyes and mood and also boost energy. The Feng Shui masters suggest keeping this plant on your house's front or back entrance. 

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              7. Eucalyptus:


                If you want to boost energy, and positive power and increase healthy energy, the Eucalyptus plant may help you. The plant is said to have a positive effect on sleep and also wards off negative energies from the surrounding. 

                As per Feng Shui, the plant can protect you against economic warfare. Besides, if you want to add aesthetic value to your cabin, you must go for it. The Eucalyptus plant can help increase energy and productivity at work. 

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                8. Areca Palm: 



                  The Areca Palm is the answer if you are looking for a plant that can purify indoor air and increase humidity. The plant is scientifically proven to purify indoor air.


                  As per the Feng Shui experts, the Areca Palm plants attract positive energy to the surroundings. The plant also helps Besides, its large leaves also help trap dust particles. 

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                  9. Sage: 

                    As the name suggests, the Sage plant is used for spiritual practices. It is believed to clear the negative energy from the surrounding. Moreover, the plant also helps in removing negative emotions such as anger and fear. 

                    So, if you are looking for a positive energy booster plant to boost energy, the Sage plant would be the right choice. The Sage plant flourishes well indoors if kept on a sunny window and watered moderately. 

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                    10. Orchids:


                      The orchid plant is one of the best plants to grow indoors. The plants have a lovely appearance and pleasant fragrance. The Feng Shui experts believe the orchid plant can boost your energy levels. 

                      The pleasant aroma of the orchid plant calms the raging emotions and boosts mood. The plant absorbs CO2 even at night, so you can place the plant in your bedroom to get healthy energy during nighttime. 


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                      Plants are the bringers and sustainers of life on earth. They are an indispensable part of our life. Plants provide clean air by removing CO2 from the immediate environment. Besides, they also add aesthetic value and boost the mood with their aroma and look. So, if you are looking for the best energy boosters plants, choose any from the above. 

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