7 plants that make great Christmas gift

7 plants that make great Christmas gift

The year will end soon, but the best part of the year is yet to come. Are you getting it? It's about the Christmas celebration. Before the year ends and you go into celebrating a New Year, you celebrate the birth of the lord. What would be a better gift than plants? 

Plants make life awesome; they boost your mood, recharge you and let you feel alive. So, without wasting time, let's see some green gifting ideas. Here are the 7 houseplants that are easiest to manage and care for that will make great Christmas gifts for anyone. 


1. Christmas Cactus:

    Don't shy away from a cactus plant because it has thorns(they aren't that tough). As they say, don't judge a book by its cover, it's true for the cactus plant. The plant requires almost no maintenance at all and lives for years. 

    You may wonder where these little plants get their name. Needless to say, the plants bloom during Christmas time. The flowers are frilly and may remind some people of Christmas ornaments. 

    You may buy the plant earlier and let it bloom under your watch or purchase a ready-to-bloom plant. So, choose a Christmas cactus for this year's Christmas gifts without being pricky. 


    2. Prayer Plant

      The plant got its name from the leaf movement. The prayer plant has red and green leaves accompanied by stripes and patches. The leaves have a unique pattern; during the daytime, they curl up, and they become entirely straight at night. 

      You get various options to choose from when it comes to the type and colour of prayer-plants Christmas gifts. The plant requires a little maintenance as it thrives well in optimal moisture, with little water and indirect sunlight. The prayer plant can be an excellent gift that you present along with a hanging pot. 


      3. Amaryllis


        Amaryllis is a type of bulb that makes a beautiful secret Santa gift. These are great interactive gifts as they come in various colours, such as orange, red, and pink. 

        The Amaryllis plants also flower during and around Christmas. If the flower doesn't bloom at Christmas, you can force it.

        If you want to give bloomed bulbs as Christmas gifts, you must start the preparation in mid-November. The pots also need drainage holes for better drainage. To learn about the growing techniques and guide, head to ugaoo.com


        4. The Snake Plant

          If you want to choose plants for Christmas gifts which don't have high maintenance and can do well in almost every environment, this is what you should get. The snake plant is quite hardy and can withstand virtually any climate and lighting conditions. 

          Moreover, thanks to its broad, fleshy leaves, it can store even an incredible amount of water. So, this plant would make a great Christmas gift for anyone who forgot to water their plant. 

          However, the Snake plant leaves may be harmful to cats and dogs. So, be sure before giving it to someone who has pets. 

          5. Kalanchoe


            The botanical name of Kalanchoe is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana. It is succulent with red flowers. One benefit of Kalanchoe is that it doesn't require any force blooming. So, you just need to decorate it in a pot and give it to your loved ones. 

            The Kalanchoe flowers are red and don't require any extensive care. However, they need bright sunlight and water if the pot's soil is dry. 

            However, the Kalanchoe plant doesn't re-bloom easily, but the plants don't lose their beauty. Besides, they are also easy to propagate. So, if you have a Kalanchoe plant at home, you just need additional pots to grow new plants from the old ones. 

            6. Poinsettia

              Poinsettias make excellent Christmas gifts choice for elderly people. Besides being traditional and friendly, these plants also look stunning in Christmas photos.  

              The Poinsettias are of Mexican origin, so they don't like a cold environment. So, consider giving it to someone living in a warm area. In the home setting, the plants perform very well at room temperature. However, if you keep it at the windows, ensure it doesn't touch the cold glass.


              7. The Chinese Money Plant


                The Chinese Money Plant is one of the best indoor plants that is considered to be a sign of good luck in the house. These plants make excellent Christmas gifts for any experienced plant parent. The leaves of money plants can grow up to 4 inches while the plant sits horizontally on the ground. 

                In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, this indoor plant gift holds a significant value. The Money plant signifies good fortune, prosperity, and luck. 


                Buy Plant Gifts 

                The plant performs well in a moderate amount of sunlight and watering. Once matured, these plants are known to propagate easily. They can also co-exist in the same pot for an extended period. 

                Christmas is a festival of happiness, and the best way to celebrate it is with nature. Plants are necessary for our survival, and they make a great gift. 

                So, be someone's secret Santa and order these Christmas gifts online. You can get these plants for your loved ones from the website of Ugaoo. You can also learn various gardening tricks and plant information from the website and blog. So, without further ado, visit ugaoo.com and buy now!



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