10 Good Luck Plants For Home

10 Good Luck Plants For Home

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Plants have many benefits, from adding aesthetic value to giving health benefits. Depending on the size and maintenance requirement, plants can also be kept indoors. Studies suggest some plants promote calmness and increase a feeling of well-being. Even studies from NASA say some plants can improve the air quality inside the house. 

So, besides being important for physical and mental well-being, some plants are also believed to be good luck plants. These plants are quite popular in Chinese culture. The Chinese people believe different plants bring different types of luck and prosperity. 

Let's explore indoor plants you should keep at home to bring good luck. 

Liven Up Your Home With These 10 Lucky plants


1. Palms: 

    Palms are among the best indoor plants. Apart from being good luck plants, these plants also help lower indoor pollution. The leaf can easily trap dust particles from the carpet. As per Chinese Feng Shui, palm plants activate any missed Feng Shui elements indoors. Moreover, these plants are also believed to be the attractor of positive energy.

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    2.Citrus trees: 

      In Feng Shui, citrus trees are well established as a bringer of luck and fortune. The fruits of the citrus tree are round and gold, thus resembling coin and wealth. 

      These good luck plants are popular gifts among Chinese circles worldwide during the Chinese spring festival. People believe the more fruits the tree has, the luckier it is. However, this tree requires special care and attention.


      3.Money Plant: 

        This is the most popular indoor good luck plant among people worldwide. People believe the Money plant brings financial fortune. This plant is said to be more effective when placed in the "wealth corner" of the house. Typically, this is the southeast corner of your home, per Feng Shui. 

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          The Tulsi, or holy basil, is among the most divine plant in Hinduism. Hindu scriptures and texts say it is the most sacred and powerful plant. The plant is believed to enhance positivity and bring good luck to the home. That's the reason you would find a lucky plant like tulsi in every Hindu household worldwide without failing. 

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          5.Jade Plant: 


            As per Feng Shui customs, the jade plant is the ultimate bringer of positive energy and a good luck plant. Because of this, the jade plant is widely used in homes and offices. Jade is a symbol of growth and regeneration, and the shape of the Jade plant is like a jade stone. Placing the Jade plant on the east side of the home or office brings good luck and wealth. 

            The jade plant doesn't require special care, and you can easily care for it in your home and office. However, you need to take care of the watering needs of this lucky plant and ensure it gets proper sunlight. 

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            6.Lucky Bamboo: 


              This is the good luck plant if you wish someone health and prosperity. The number of stalks in the plant shows how many blessings you want to give someone. So, while gifting a lucky bamboo plant to someone, try to get a plant with many stalks. 

              The lucky bamboo grows well in adequate water and soil condition. However, the leaves of plants are toxic to dogs and cats. So, you should avoid gifting it to someone who has pets. 

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              7.Snake plant: 

                The snake plant is quite popular in home settings. The plant can absorb toxins and allergens from the surrounding air. Moreover, this good luck plant also produces humidity, so they thrive well next to tropical plants. 

                However, you must pay close attention and avoid the excessively watery environment and freezing temperatures. As per Feng Shui, the Snake plant is perfect for attracting money, prosperity, and positive energy. 

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                8.Peepal Bonsai: 


                  The Peepal tree is very sacred and considered a good luck tree in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Buddhism, the peepal tree symbolises good fortune, health, and happiness as Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under this tree. Typically, the peepal tree is quite large. However, the bonsai peepal is perfect for indoors. You can place the bonsai on your work table in a home or office. Besides giving an aesthetic look, it will bring positivity. 

                  The bonsai peepal grows well in pots; however, they need special care. So, before buying the bonsai Peepal, explore plant care at Ugaoo.com.


                  9.Rubber Plant: 

                    The Rubber plant is considered very auspicious in different cultures worldwide. As per Chinese Feng Shui, the rubber plant symbolises wealth and can be placed anywhere in the home or office. The round leaves of this plant symbolise wealth and prosperity. So, if you are searching for lucky indoor plants, try the Rubber plant from ugaao.com.

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                    10.Potted Orchids: 

                      Orchids are among the most beautiful plants in the world. According to Fengshui, planting orchids in your home brings good luck and fortune to your love life. The plant is believed to be a good luck plant as it promotes the chances of finding love and nurturing relationships. Moreover, the plant also releases oxygen at night, thus, beneficial for health. 

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                      If you want your life filled with health, wealth, and prosperity, these lucky plants may help you with this. According to Feng Shui experts, these plants add value to your life. So, if you want to grow your luck with plants, visit Ugaoo.com. Similarly, if you want to start gardening, explore planters' information also on the website.


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