10 Flowering plants you can keep at home

10 Flowering plants you can keep at home

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Flowering plants are excellent for decorating the home and office spaces. But besides decoration, they deliver numerous benefits like air purification, relieving mental stress and improving overall environmental wellness.

However, the flower plants for home come with a limitation of not flowering for 365 days. Also, some of the gorgeous plants that take your heart away on an online website may not survive in Indian weather.

Considering these limitations, we brought a specifically curated list of the 10 best flower plants for a home that looks good; they are easy to maintain and fall within a budget.


1. Marigold


Marigold is commonly known as Genda in India. It blossoms around the year and gives many big flowers, but the plant dies after blossoming once. But you can replant it using the dried flower itself. They are easy to maintain and come in Orange, Golden, Yellow, Mahogany, and White.

The colour varieties make them one of the finest flowers for the home garden.

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2. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea is probably the hardest and best flowering plant that can survive in any weather condition. You might have seen them on highways, near railway tracks or in public gardens. Also, they can easily survive in a flower pot.

The diverse choice of pink, orange, purple, white, yellow, and magenta colours make them great flowers for the home garden.

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3. Crepe Jasmine


They are also known as Chandani. The plant easily grows in the Indian climate and blooms around the year. It has small flowers with 4 to 5 connected white leaves. During peak season, the plant gives many flowers simultaneously, which elevates the mesmerising look.

It’s also among the best gardening plants in India. Plant it in the ground of your home garden, and it will give hundreds of flowers every day.


4. Ixora Plant


If you like perennial flowering plants whose flowers last for a long time, then go for the Ixora plant. It’s commonly known as Rugmini in India. It is one giant flower with beautiful clusters. It looks great on balconies and terrace gardens.

You can easily find them online in multiple colours, including orange, red, yellow, pink, and white. Moreover, they are great indoor flowering plants that require less sunlight.

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5. Vinca 

Vinca is known as Sadabahar in India. Its Hindi name means that it grows in all seasons. They are easy to find and quickly adapt to Indian weather. Also, the flower has multiple medicinal and cultural uses.

Vinca is easily available in Purple, but you can also find them in red, pink and white. Try planting various colours in your garden at home; you will have a soothing view daily.

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6. Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe is a succulent plant that blooms freely. They have thick leaves and fantastic flowers that grow in a cluster throughout the year. They are easily adaptable to difficult weather conditions, are great ornamental plants and easily fit in your room but need a little sunlight.

Kalanchoes are also known as the best plants for the home, and they are available in numerous colours like red, yellow, pink, white, magenta and orange. You can purchase it online at a budgeted price.

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7. Hibiscus


Hibiscus is called Jaswand in India. The plant has over 200 varieties on Earth, but in India, you can find them in pink, red, yellow, orange and multicolour. The plant is famous for garden flowers and can reach up to 15 ft.

It has multiple medicinal uses. It contains vitamin C and amino acids widely used in preparing herbal teas. These flowers are also used in worshipping the Goddess.


8. Oleander

Oleander or Kaner plant is famous for transmitting positive energy. No doubt, it’s used for various religious purposes. It can solve the need for flowers for gardens in India because the plant grows into a 12 to 15 feet full grown tree. But it can easily survive in a flower pot as well.

The flower is commonly available in white but can easily be found in yellow, orange and red.


9. Tuberose

Famously known as Rajnigandha, the flower is said to have a positive impact on Vastu Shastra. These flowers are regularly used in Indian homes. They are believed to bring happiness and prosperity inside the house.

These flowers are available in red and white colours. Rarely can be found in white tinged with red colour. Considering numerous benefits, it would be right to say they are the best plants for the home.


10. Rangoon creeper

Rangoon creeper or Madhumati blooms one giant flower with multiple clusters. They are native to tropical Asia but easily adapt to Indian weather. These flowers are also famous for their aromatic fragrance, reaching from 2.5 to 8 meters. Looks great in a flower pot.

They are easily available in Pink, white and red colours. Looks very beautiful in your home garden and are well-known as perfect ornamental plants in India.

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A well-planted garden includes various plants, but it’s incomplete without flowers. What’s better?

Multiple colours of flowers soothe your mood every time you see them. The cherry on top is that these flowers also attract butterflies, birds and bees that contribute towards protecting these species, and the natural effect looks blissful.

These were some of the best plants for a home garden in India. They blossom throughout the year, and you can easily order most of these plants online at Ugaoo.com. Don’t forget to use the filters for specific needs.


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