5 ways to decorate the house this Christmas

5 ways to decorate the house this Christmas

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Special occasions like Christmas require distinctive decoration for your house. Apart from Christmas tree and delicious food, we bring you five more things to focus on for perfect holidays. These are traditional and straightforward gardening ideas that still work wonders when it comes to living ornamentation.
house decoration for christmas

Let's have a look at 5 ideas of decorating the house one by one:

1. Houseplants:

You can grow some beautiful ornamental foliage plants in good looking plastic or ceramic pots. Plants like Chlorophytum, Cissus, Fastia, Ficus, Dracaena are hardy ones.
Plants like Crotons, Kalanchoe, Philodendron, Ferns, Peperomia, Sedum require a minimum temperature of 10-12 degree Celsius.
Plants like Begonia, Caladium, Dieffenbachia need minimum temperature of 12-15 degree Celsius.
Plants like Agave, Aloe, Balsam can be grown in sunny windowsills.
Plants like Monstera, Snake Plant, Spathiphyllum can be placed in hall or staircase.
Indoor plants in white pot

2. Flowers:

You can make western or Japanese style flower arrangements.
For the Western style, you can create a bouquet like an arrangement of cut flowers like Roses, Carnations, Gerbera along with foliage of Palms, Ferns, and Cypress. Flower stalks are inserted in florist's foam which is placed in a shallow plastic container. Similar style of arrangements can be done in flower pots.
Japanese style of flower arrangement is called Ikebana. Very few flowers and branches are used in the form of heaven, man, and earth. These are supported in shallow ceramic containers with the help of pin holders.
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3. Lawn:

A fantastic green lawn completes the garden. The fastest way of creating a lawn is by turfing method. Dig your land correctly, add plenty of cow manure and level the soil. Place ready to use grass turfs over the well-prepared land and water them thoroughly.
Doob grass is the best one to make a quick lawn in a sunny spot in your front yard. The lawn is supposed to be an activity area. Therefore, it should be prepared well in advance before holidays and festive season begins.
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lawn maintenance during Christmas

4. Hanging baskets:

Hanging pots with trailing or cascading plants are suited for indoors as well as outdoors. These can be attached at the entrance of the house to welcome the visitors.
Hanging baskets can also be placed in the hall or the drawing room beside a well-lit window, or in the bathroom above the fluorescent light. A plain wall with a sunny room or as passage can also be artistically decorated with hanging baskets.
Plants suitable for hanging baskets: Spider plant, Syngonium, Fern, Money plant, Sedum, Philodendron, etc.
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Chlorophytum Comosum in hanging basket

5. Dish garden:

Dish gardening is one of the fascinating concepts in gardening.
Dish garden comes under tabletop gardening or miniature gardening. The shallow ceramic dish is chosen for making a dish garden. A good quality fibrous potting mixture is used to fill the dish.
Tiny indoor foliaceous plants and mini cacti-succulents are used for planting dish gardens. A small version of a natural landscape or a home garden can be mimicked in a dish garden.
Your dish garden can be decorated with stones, pebbles, and cute little garden sculptures. A dish garden can be placed in your main living room as a central piece.
dish garden for Christmas home decor
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Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Happy gardening!